Jessica Morris OLTL
Credit: Getty Images

“I’m heartbroken,” the grieving star laments.

Fans of the now-defunct ABC soap opera One Life to Live will recognize Jessica Morris as Jennifer Rappaport, a role she played from 1999 – 2008, and will be heartbroken to learn that she has lost her father, Don Morris.

Morris took to social media to share the devastating news with her followers in a post that included a series of photographs of her dad over the years and began, “I’m heartbroken that my dad decided to take his own life.”

She went on to explain that he had been “struggling for a long time” and to “pray that his soul has finally found peace”.

Morris, who thankfully still has her mother and partner Rib Hillis (Dr. Jake Marshak, General Hospital and Port Charles) to lean on, opened up about the outlook she would take on the loss moving forward: “I want to remember and honor the best parts of who he was, an honest, hard-working Veteran who loved animals & his family, even if he didn’t know how to show it sometimes.”

Many in the comments lamented the difficulties veterans of war face in the aftermath of their deployments and shared stories of their own.

Morris concluded her post with the message, “I hope he knows how truly loved he was,” along with a heart and a broken heart. Use the arrow at the side of the Instagram post to see all of the photos.

Former One Life to Live co-star Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan) was on hand to lend support and messaged, “Love you so much.”

All of us at SOAPS extend our sincere condolences to Morris and her family at this very difficult time.

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