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Catch up on the stories you missed last week — and find out which ones you’ll be excited about this week!

February blues been distracting you while we wait for spring to arrive? Or maybe you’ve just been busy with life — we certainly know how that goes! Well, whatever the reason, if you haven’t been following your favorite soaps quite as closely as you usually do, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled some General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives stories that might have escaped your notice. Plus, we’ve added recaps of what came before and a bit of a preview of what lies ahead! Read on and get in the know!

Days of Our Lives

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Viewers have been up in arms for some time now about Days of Our Lives treating death as fleeting an inconvenience as the common cold. But that didn’t stop them from revolting at the very possibility that the show might kill off one legacy character for good! Whose time could (and probably should) be up? Find out here.

Last week… In the afterlife, Jake convinced Nick to send the women’s souls back to their bodies, which were being held in pods by Megan Hathaway. Gabi agreed to stay married to Li for six months in exchange for his shares of DiMera stock. Brady and Eric forced Rolf to perform a slapdash deprogramming on a resistant Stefan. After EJ realized Stefan had been drugging him, he and Nicole vowed vengeance.

This week… Xander may be thinking that he and Sarah have yet another chance, but will the downright jarring news she receives on Thursday, March 2, validate his dreams or end it this oft-troubled relationship once and for all?

General Hospital

Ryan body bag GH

We saw Ryan being zipped into a body bag, and it certainly seemed as if the long-time General Hospital villain is dead. But we’ve all been down this road before with villains ranging from Helena to He Who Must Not Be Named (aka Peter). But here’s why we’re pretty sure Ryan’s number really came up… and who might bite the proverbial bullet next!

Last week… On Spoon Island, Ava caught up with Ryan and shot him in the arm, but it was Mac who delivered the fatal blow. Esme delivered a bouncing baby boy, but not before being traumatized once more upon learning Heather was her mother. Curtis walked out on Portia, while Taggert forgave his ex for lying to him about who might be Trina’s father. Trina found herself being consoled over her mother’s lie by Spencer, and the two shared their first kiss. And Joss learned Dex was working to take Sonny down, but not that he was working for Michael.

This week… Though it may not have been under the best of circumstances, Trina and Spencer finally shared their first kiss. But is it going to be their last? We have to ask, because on Friday, March 3, something is stymying Spencer, so fingers crossed it’s not another “Sprina” obstacle!

The Young and the Restless

Nikki bawl out Sally Y&R

If our guess is right, Nick will be popping the question to Sally any day now — and we can’t see Victor exactly celebrating the news! But hey, sometimes these things work out! Nikki went from stripper to socialite after becoming a Newman, so surely Sally could end up fitting in. But is there really any comparison between the two? Decide for yourself after taking a closer look at Nikki’s greatest hits!

Last week… Summer forgave Kyle, but Daniel continued to freeze Phyllis out after saying farewell to Heather and Lucy. Devon hired Christine to represent him in court, while Lily called Amanda for help, and Nate’s plan to make peace backfired. Ashley blindsided Tucker by buying up his debt, which, in turn, surprised Victoria. Finally, Sally stunned Adam with the news that she’s pregnant and he is the father!

This week… Phyllis has been downright disturbed by just how close Jack and Diane have gotten over the past few weeks. But we suspect that what the redhead finds out on Friday, March 3, might just push her right over the edge. (Anybody else suspect that Kyle’s parents are going to leap into a marriage, no matter how it looks to everyone else?)

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke B&B

Brooke may have friendzoned Hollis the Hot Bartender, but hey, there are still other fish in the sea, right? While readers have made it clear they don’t want to see the beauty fall for gal pal Taylor, Katherine Kelly Lang shared her thoughts about Brooke’s romantic future!

Last week… Taylor tried to broker peace between Thomas and Steffy, while Sheila hid the fact she was pining for Deacon from Bill, who instead vowed to reunite her and Finn. Deacon gave Hollis the thumbs-up to ask Brooke out, but she put the brakes on their date after one kiss and ended up deciding to spend the night with her dear friend Taylor!

This week… Are the wheels about to come off the Bill and Sheila train? We can only hope so, especially after the tycoon turns to Liam with a surprise confession about his new lady on Friday, March 3!

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