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Does this mean we will be getting a sixth season?

There’s a new twist in the latest Yellowstone drama, and it may be good news for fans. But now we’re more uncertain than ever about the show’s future!

A short time ago, our sister site Deadline reported that frustration with star Kevin Costner’s alleged shooting schedule was causing the show to contemplate dropping the actor and continuing the show with Matthew McConaughey at the helm.

Supposedly, Costner was only willing to shoot the second half of Yellowstone’s fifth season in a single week as he focuses on his own western film, Horizon. And that, Deadline reported, had caused Paramount to decline Costner’s proposal and decide to move on with McConaughey. Though it wasn’t clear what role McConaughey would have, it had seemed like Yellowstone would continue on without patriarch John Dutton leading the roster of characters.

Now, though, we’ve heard from Costner’s side. The actor’s lawyer, Marty Singer told Puck News that “The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of Season 5 of Yellowstone is an absolute lie.”

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Is there a future without John Dutton?

Credit: Paramount Network

He went on to say that the allegation is “ridiculous — and anyone suggesting it shouldn’t be believed for one second.” What’s more, Singer added, Costner’s still just as passionate about Yellowstone as ever “and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success.”

So does this mean that he will be sticking around with the show for a sixth season? And is any new iteration of Yellowstone with McConaughey leading it dead in the water? That’s not clear at the moment. What we do know is that Costner’s alleged difficult shooting schedule is being sharply disputed.

As for the Paramount network, a rep told Puck News that, “As we previously stated, Kevin has been a key component of the success of our Yellowstone series, and we hope that continues from here on out.”

As for the fans wondering what the future holds for the juggernaut that is the Yellowstone universe, all we can do is wait and see.

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