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Catch up on the stories you missed last week — and find out which ones you’ll be excited about this week!

Love was in the air last week, but that probably also means that you were a bit distracted with getting Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day) just right! Don’t worry, if picking out the perfect card and planning an amazing dinner had your mind elsewhere, we’re here to make sure none of your favorite soap news slips by. We’ve compiled some General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives stories that might have escaped your notice. Plus, we’ve added recaps of what came before and a bit of a preview of what lies ahead! Read on and get in the know!

Days of Our Lives


A new mystery man is heading to Salem, and we got just enough of a tease for viewers to go wild speculating over whether he’s a fan favorite returning or someone entirely new and exciting. See if you agree with any of the possibilities and if not, follow the clues yourself and offer a theory of your own here!

Last week… After Chanel dumped her girlfriend for sleeping with Alex, Allie decided to go to New Zealand with Will and Sonny. Jack caved to Xander and Gwen’s blackmail and gave them The Spectator. Stefan told Gabi he loved her and then called her Chloe. After an awkward run-in with Eric and Sloan at The Bistro, Nicole slept with EJ. With Lucas’ help, John and Steve prepared to inject Orpheus with a lethal overdose, but Orpheus declared he knew who really killed their wives. Kayla and a reluctant Kate refused to let Marlena spend eternity with the devil just so the two of them could go to heaven.

This week… Orpheus knew just what he needed to dangle in front of John and Steve to save his own life. And it may have actually worked, since on Friday, Feb. 24, the duo dig into his claim about who really killed their wives — by grilling the last people you’d expect!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “14974” – "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey)MAURICE BENARD

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day was not the most important day for Maurice Benard last week. Because while wife Paula has always stood by his side, the actor paid tribute to another woman who made all the difference in his career. In fact, without her, we would never have gotten Sonny in the first place!

Last week… Curtis and Portia were wed, but thanks to information Aunt Stella gave Trina about her mother having a secret, Portia was forced to admit that Curtis and not Taggert might be Trina’s father. In England, Dante and Sam located Esme’s nanny Maggie, and she told them that Ryan was Esme’s father. Heather and Ryan put their escape from Spring Ridge into motion, dragging a frightened Esme with them. Later, while Ryan held Ava and Felicia hostage at Wyndemere, Heather found a lurking Austin and attacked him with the hook.

This week… All hell broke loose this past week on General Hospital, and it looks like it may be some time before Port Charles calms back down. Because after shots are fired on Spoon Island on Friday, Feb. 20, Laura and Sonny are both left to try to comfort Spencer. Has he finally learned about his dad, or has even more tragedy struck?

The Young and the Restless

YR Summer Kyle cabin

So far, Kyle and Summer have weathered a number of challenges, from secret children to Diane’s return from the dead. But the couple may have finally met their match and this coming week looks particularly trick for them! Will they be able to weather the threat, or end up as finished as Nick and Sharon? Find out what Michael Mealor has to say about their prospects here.

Last week… Victor revealed his plan to buy Tucker’s company for Adam, and Daniel was floored when Heather turned up in Genoa City and announced she’d moved on. Kyle sought Summer’s forgiveness, Ashley had a blowout with Jack over Diane moving in and was stunned when Tucker revealed his financial problems. Finally, both Phyllis and Diane were thrown for a loop by the return of Jeremy Stark!

This week… You know that saying about how you shouldn’t burn all your bridges? Well, we’re pretty sure Nate’s about to do exactly that, seeing as how his attempt to reconnect with the family he turned on goes wildly awry on Friday, Feb. 24! Rebuilding is not going to be easy.

The Bold and the Beautiful

brooke bill ridge hope thomas taylor bb jpi mashup

It turns out, love may not be for everyone, because last week, there was one potential Bold & Beautiful pairing that some folks were just not feeling. The thing is the show may have just tipped off its hand that they’re headed straight for it! What happened and why did it cause the biggest uproar since Bill and Sheila? Find out here!

Last week… Despite Finn’s lack of enthusiasm about changing the family dynamic, Douglas moved into the cliff house on what Steffy insisted would be a temporary basis. Thomas and Steffy ended the week at odds as she set boundaries on him visiting his son. Elsewhere, Sheila rejected Deacon’s declaration of love to preserve her fresh start with Bill, and Brooke and Taylor brought the restaurateur into the loop on Hope’s situation with Douglas.

This week… Time will tell if Brooke is finally free of Ridge for good, but after Deacon shares some information about Ridge’s past on Thursday, Feb. 23, Brooke decides it’s time to take the first step in her life without her go-to husband!

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