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“These are their true stories.” Dun-Dun! 

In chatting with fellow soap watchers, we’ve discovered that many of us have something else in common: a love of true-crime stories. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we miss the days when soaps told wonderfully complicated murder mysteries. (Won’t someone please, please reboot The Edge of Night?) It might also explain why we’ve always loved the various entries in the Law & Order franchise, given that the show so often focused on cases which were, as the ads proclaimed, “ripped from the headlines!”

So it’s no wonder that we’re excited to hear about the upcoming CNBC true crime series Blood & Money. For one thing, it comes from Dick Wolf, aka the man who created the Law & Order universe. For another, the 10 episodes will be focusing on some of the most notorious murders to ever grab the attention of our country. As one talking head says in the trailer — which you can view below — “You can’t make [these stories] up… if you did, nobody would believe it!”

In some ways, the shows follows the much-loved and very familiar Law & Order format. Viewers will immediately recognize the voice intoning this show’s take on the now-infamous opening words: “In the criminal justice system, detectives and prosecutors face daunting challenges when money is the motive for murder. These men and women dedicate their lives to law and order. These are their true stories.”

And yes, we get the famous sound effect perhaps best summed up as “Dunn-dunn!”

The show is set to hit CNBC at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 7.  Among the cases the show will explore? The story of Robert Durst (the late real estate tycoon suspected of several murders and finally convicted of one 20 years after the fact); the case of Sante and Kenneth Kimes (the mother-and-son grifters who were declared by judges to be “a remorseless predator” and “one of the most evil individuals” ever encountered, respectively); and one of the first cases ever to receive gavel-to-gavel coverage on television, that of the Menendez brothers.

Of course, numerous programs such as Dateline and 20/20 already have devoted hours of programming to these crimes, and most have been given the movie-of-the-week treatment as well. But that only leaves us even more intrigued to see what unique spin Wolf and his production team put on the cases.

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