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Catch up on the stories you missed last week — and find out a bit more about the ones you’ll be talking about this week!

It’s hard to keep up with your favorite soaps in today’s world — and when we’re in the midst of February sweeps, every day can be crucial! Luckily, we keep track of all of daytime’s stories, both onscreen and off, to help you navigate. And just to make things even easier for you, we’ve compiled a few of the General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives stories that might have slipped by when you least expected it. Even better? We added a bit of a preview of what lies ahead! Read on and get in the know!

Days of Our Lives

A teary Chad holds Abigail's face in the cemetery

Chad and Abigail figured they’d find the show’s missing piece in each other’s eyes.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

From deals with the devil, to brainwashing, rewashing and deprogramming, right now, it feels like Days of Our Lives has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us — and is still coming up short! The good news is, we figured out the one thing the show needs to add to make it all work. See if you agree with us here, and if not, add your own suggestions!

Last week… In the afterlife, Nick Fallon informed the women he tricked them into signing over their souls to the devil. They demanded to talk to his boss, as Roman roped Lucas into the plan to kill Orpheus. Stefan drugged EJ’s tea, which EJ actually drank this time, while Li hired Sloan as his and an arrested Rolf’s attorney. Allie slept with Alex, Sarah slept with Rex, and Xander and Gwen blackmailed Jack and Jennifer for The Spectator.

This week… The afterlife saga may finally be wrapping up as Marlena makes a deal with the devil on Friday, Feb. 17. At the same time, Kate desperately tries to stop Roman from making a mistake, but seeing as how he already cremated her body, we can only imagine what he’s screwing up this time!

General Hospital

Nikolas is dead and hidden GH

“Wow, Nikolas really sleeps like the dead… Too soon?”

Credit: ABC screenshot

And just like that, Nikolas is gone… or is he? Between a tantalizing General Hospital future for Adam Huss and Tyler Christopher popping back up on our screens, somehow, we don’t think getting him out of our heads is going to be all that easy!

Last week… After Michael and Willow learned there were not enough stem cells harvested for the transplant from new baby Amelia Grace, Obrecht offered to be tested as a bone marrow match. When Nikolas threatened to kidnap Avery, Ava hit him over the head with a statue apparently killing him, and Austin offered to help her keep it a secret. Liz was about to confess to her and Nikolas’ crimes, but after Ava told her Nikolas fled town, Finn suggested she wait before taking the fall. And Portia’s wedding day arrived, only for Jordan to show up and confront the almost bride-to-be.

This week… Ava may have gotten Spencer off Nikolas’ scent for now, but how long can she keep it up? Maybe not nearly as long as she hopes, because on Friday, Feb. 17, something is certainly setting off Spencer’s alarm bells!

The Young and the Restless

Victor Y&R

“Did you forget I locked a man in a dungeon and fed him rats? Because I can assure you, he never has.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

If there’s anyone who can go toe-to-toe with the worst that Genoa City has to offer, it’s Victor Newman. And it looks like that’s just what he’s going to do this week when he takes on Jeremy Stark! After all, it takes a villain to know on. And when Victor first showed up in town 43 years ago this past week, he was just about as bad as it gets!

Last week… Sally set up a paternity test and got a do-over with Jill. Daniel fired Phyllis after her return from Portugal, while Mariah and Tessa had a false alarm with Delphine. Diane moved in with Jack who, in turn, confronted Kyle about colluding with Victor. That led to Adam declaring he would give his resignation from Jabot. Finally, Victor and Victoria prepared to launch their attack on Tucker.

This week… Those Newman kids are just never going to learn to get along, are they? And they’re certainly not going to play nice after Adam starts planning how to take Victoria down on Friday, Feb. 17!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill B&B

“I know I’ve got a reason for all this somewhere around here… Now I just need to find it.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Life after Sheila? Don’t be so sure. Bill may not stick with her forever, but even if she’s gone, he may not have much of a life to go back to. Take Steffy, for instance. It’s hard to imagine her ever wanting her ex back in her life in any capacity after what he’s putting her through. Still, Don Diamont says, he thinks there is a method to Bill’s madness. But whether you agree with him after reading about it is another matter!

Last week… Bill asked Katie to take him back, Taylor confessed to Katie that she’d shot her ex-husband, and Sheila and Katie squared off. Carter told Katie he was falling in love with her, and Brooke made nice with Deacon before comforting Taylor. Later, both the blonde and Steffy vowed to protect the unraveling psychiatrist, and Sheila threatened Katie in a conversation with Deacon.

This week… We get that fashion is his thing, but Thomas might want to brush up on his numbers. Because when he asks Eric for a second chance, he probably should have asked for a 100th chance… And we’re guessing Eric feels similarly since he (along with Steffy) puts Thomas in check on Friday, Feb. 17!

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