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In the end, it’s inevitable.

When it comes to Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton, there seems to be no shortage of ways to describe her. On the one hand, she’s one of the most fascinating, strong-willed and delightfully foul-mouthed characters ever to grace our television screens. On the other hand, she’s also deeply jaded, wounded and at times unstable.

In short, she’s a complex character we just can’t get enough of. And that’s why it’s always been fascinating to see flashbacks to a young Beth before she became the tough-as-nails woman she is today. It’s been no surprise to find out her youth was filled with trauma and when last we saw Yellowstone before the midseason break in the winter, the show had dipped heavily back into the flashbacks delving back into Beth’s youth — though this time as a somewhat more jaded 18-year-old!

Kylie Rogers, of course, stepped back into the role we hadn’t gotten to see her play since the third season and take her version of Beth into entirely new directions. So to find out a bit more about the experience and get a little tease about what may be coming up, TV Insider sat down with the actress to talk about the fifth season that was, she admitted, even “a bit of a surprise” to her!

Things have been getting very real for an “older” Beth this season!

For one thing, Rogers wasn’t expecting how prominent the flashbacks would be, but it “was super exciting to find out about because in the past seasons, it was Beth as a younger girl. Now I get to play her as older Beth and have that more hardened side of Beth to portray. It’s so fun and I was so excited.”

With that said, there’s still a pretty big gap between this “older Beth” and Kelly Reilly’s version. Would she ever imagine in her youth that she and Jamie would be planning on killing each other? And what would she think of the woman she’s destined to become?

“I think maybe it would be 50/50 of proud of herself because she is such a strong, independent sort of woman,” Rogers mused to TV Insider, “but she would also be a little — just because of how jaded she is right now and how she’s been so hurt as a younger girl, as a young woman — weirded out maybe if she knew that she ends up marrying Rip and being in love.”

To find out what might be ahead for the second half of Season 5’s flashbacks and how young Beth will react to Rip killing Rowdy, head over to TV Insider to read the full interview!

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