Susan Lucci
Credit: Getty Images

And the daytime darling is looking absolutely incredible whilst doing so!

We stopped in our tracks when we saw All My Children icon Susan Lucci’s latest drops on social media as she not only had her arm around a very handsome man who has been all over the news recently, but she was looking just stunning to boot!

As most know, Lucci has been through a lot in recent years. In 2018 she suffered a heart attack that took her completely by surprise and has subsequently undergone two heart surgeries, the second just one year ago in February 2022. In the month following, the star lost her husband of 53 years when Helmut Huber passed away at the age of 84.
Helmut Huber, Susan Lucci

In the wake of her health scare, Lucci has become a huge advocate for heart health, and it was part of her work with the American Heart Association that brought her together with someone who has, well, been in millions of Americans’ hearts in recent weeks.

Lucci shared two separate photos which have since been deleted, and gushed about the “thrill” of meeting the man she was pictured with, and said, “[He] is shining the brightest light on heart health.”

That’s right, folks. La Lucci was with none other than Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who nearly died on the field in a heart-related incident during a playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals. As word of the devastating event spread over social media, Hamlin’s name became all but a household word — even to those who don’t follow the sport — and people all over North America rallied in support of his recovery. And recover he did. In fact, Hamlin’s progress was nothing short of remarkable.

We couldn’t be happier to report that he’s now out and about and advocating for heart health right alongside our daytime darling, who shared a special message for “beautiful soul” Hamlin: “Thank you, Damar, for all you are and all you’re doing — impacting heart health around the world/ bringing our entire country together, as we rooted for your recovery.❤️” D’aww.

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