February 2023 sweeps mashup

Who’ll be doing what to — and with — whom? 

February might be the shortest month of the year, but it packs a heck of a punch… especially when it comes to the soaps. Typically, if someone is getting married, giving birth or dying, it happens in February, May or November. Why? Because those are “sweeps” months, the period when networks do everything in their power to boost numbers so that…

Well, we could explain, but all that really matters is that this is when the you-know-what tends to hit the fan. Secrets are revealed, affairs are exposed and a good time is had by all (as long as “by all” you mean “the viewers.”)

Take, for example, The Bold and the Beautiful. This month, headwriter/executive producer Bradley Bell told Soap Opera Digest, “alliances are formed, betrayal is avenged, and passion burns brightly.”

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives is cranking up the drama with hellish antics (which ironically are unfolding in a heaven-like setting), a murder plot (farewell, Orpheus?) and what headwriter Ron Carlivati referred to in Digest as “a bit of a walk down Memory Lane that I think Eric and Nicole fans will enjoy.” 

Nate Victoria Y&R

“Previews and predictions are here! Woo-hoo!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Genoa City — home to Young & Restless’ dysfunctional clans — could see old rivalries flare up anew thanks to Victor’s attempt to get son Adam away from Jabot, aka the company run by his longtime nemesis Jack. (Whether or not Adam actually wants to change jobs yet again is of no concern to Victor, as you might imagine.)

And over at General Hospital, Esme and her unborn child will be caught up in all kinds of drama thanks to not only potential babydaddies Spencer and Nikolas (awkward!) but her own demented parental units, Heather and Ryan! (Did we mention that co-headwriter Chris Van Etten warned a certain location would “run red with blood”?)

Of course, this is all just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. With so many storylines unfolding across the soaps, we’ve got both previews to spill and predictions to make. Which General Hospital couple is definitely heading down the aisle? Which Bold & Beautiful lovers do we predict will also head to the church despite, truth be told, our having incorrectly made this same prediction for two years? Check out the gallery below in order to find out what will — and what we think should happen during the coming weeks!