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Not to play favorites, but…

There’s a new champion on Jeopardy and he’s chewing bubble gum and taking names! On the Friday, January 27 episode of the hit quiz show,  Jake DeArruda knocked week-long champ Troy Meyer out of the top spot and claimed it for himself.

And according to TVInsider, Jeopardy’s current reigning champ had a few words to say about the show’s former champ and how he managed to overtake someone who was such a recognizably amazing trivia champion that DeArruda’s “eyes widened” when he found out who he’d be facing.

“All scenarios where Troy can win the game,” he admitted with a bit of wonder, “hedge on him being correct.”

But DeArruda also shared some thoughts about the two hosts — though he made it clear he had no desire to get into the “hosting debacle” surrounding Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik!

With that said, he and the rest of the contestants “collectively cheered when Ken Jennings was announced as our host for the tape week.”

Jennings, after all, has, like DeArruda “been in trivia for most of his life, so he knows the proper words to emphasize and generally seems consistent with his pacing.”

That makes it easier on the contestants as far as timing the buzzer, getting that millisecond of an edge and getting the answer in before anyone else.

Bialik, on the other hand, provides a bit more challenge to contestants used to playing trivia games. As a host, it’s “obvious to close watchers that she mispronounces words, blows through punctuation, and is genuinely inconsistent in her pacing.”

DeArruda likely would have done OK if she’d hosted as he’d prepared by watching her episodes to learn her rhythm, but in the world of trivia and Jeopardy, every little edge helps.

Well, whatever helped push him over the edge to win, it’s clear DeArruda knows his stuff! And be sure to check out TVInsider to find out what more he had to say about the show and how he managed to edge out the man who’d just won a week straight of episodes!

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