News Roundup: Stunning Exits, Unexpected Returns and a Jaw-Dropping, History-Rewriting Twist

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Plus, sneak peeks at what’s coming next! 

With so much going on in the world of daytime, it’s easy to miss a story or two — including some of the biggest ones unfolding on screen. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that went down last week on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even coverage of primetime’s best sudsers!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold beautiful sheila bill couch

Wait, what in the world happened on Friday?! Did The Bold and the Beautiful just drop a major clue as to why Bill’s really going along with Sheila and drop a history shifting bombshell on us at the same time?

  • Get ready for the mother of all crossovers, because it may just take a Bold & Beautiful/Young & Restless joint effort to take Sheila down!
  • While all this Sheila drama has been going down, one person’s been conspicuously absent: Ridge! And if he finally returns to town with a bombshell of his own, all eyes could soon be back on him
  • The newest addition to Heather Tom’s family had pretty much the entire internet going crazy over the adorableness!
  • Don Diamont’s strapping twin boys have hit another milestone — and we took the opportunity to look back on their lives with a photo-fest!

For most of the week, Bold & Beautiful just kinda treaded water… but as Richard notes, Friday’s episode seemed to be a game-changer. Did Brooke really reach Bill? And did Liam and Hope’s conversation just reveal Sheila’s hold over Bill?

What Went Down Last Week: Taylor, Steffy, Katie, Wyatt and Liam all took turns descending on Bill’s doorstep to try and convince him to put Sheila behind bars where she belongs. No one was able to get through, but things got pretty emotional with Katie, especially when she brought up Will. Once alone, Bill and Sheila made love in front of the fireplace and declared their devotion to one another. But after being brought into the loop, Brooke showed up and reminded Bill that he told her he’d do anything for her. And she wants him to put Sheila back in the slammer. Bill seemed to be listening to his favorite blonde, but we’ll have to wait until next week to be sure!

Days of Our Lives

EJ stefan playing chess peacock days

Even as we may be getting a surprisingly new branch of the DiMera family tree, Days of Our Lives looks like its gearing up to hack off another one in a big way! At this point, just about the only question left is: How?

Perhaps the biggest surprise Days of Our Lives has managed to pull off hasn’t been any of the deaths that have torn through Salem, but how much Curtis is enjoying what’s turned out to be a sprawling tale! But whether that can outweigh the predictability at the heart of this story is another matter!

What Went Down Last Week: Sarah misconstrued what she saw when she found Xander and Gwen together half-naked. Sonny promptly kicked Leo out of the Kiriakis mansion after Will told him about the con helping Xander and Gwen. Steve made an inadmissible recording of Kristen confessing her crimes to Johnny. The young DiMera agreed to testify they had the conversation, leading Rafe and Jada to arrest Kristen, just as she was about to run away with Rachel.  Kristen tried to blackmail EJ into defending her, but he told Stefan he knew Li brainwashed him. Johnny and Chanel shared a charged moment while helping set up a surprise for Marlena. As John and Marlena watched photos of their life on a rooftop wall, she died in his arms.

General Hospital

Willow boathouse scream GH

From leukemia to Mama Nina, Willow’s tale has taken quite a few twists and turns, but none of that can compare to the next nightmarish surprise that may be in her future

As Carly’s secret continued to explode, everyone from the fans to the characters were choosing sides… and Dustin had plenty to say to both camps in his column! He was less sure, though, when it came to Esme and whether she’s faking her amnesia, but he knows who can figure it out!

What Went Down Last Week: Michael and Willow were floored to learn that Nina was Willow’s biological mother and that Carly had known for almost a year. Willow and (eventually) Michael forgave Carly. Sonny, on the other, hand accused Carly of doing this simply to hurt Nina, who’s waiting to see if she can donate bone marrow to Willow. Spencer hired Diane to try and gain custody of Nikolas and Esme’s child. Esme was remanded to Spring Ridge pending her trial, and Heather latched on to her amnesiac daughter. Victor informed Nikolas that he had agreed to give Ava Spoon Island in their divorce settlement. Cam was stunned when he found Dex and Joss, in states of undress, in her door room. Meanwhile, Liz got a shock when her mother turned up in Port Charles and Portia and Curtis convinced Marshall to learn if he was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. 

The Young and the Restless

Diane Jack Y&R

Jack and Diane’s plan seemed to go off without a hitch, but time will tell if that actually holds true. Because we just found a fatal flaw in their plot that could bring both of them crashing down!

All this talk and utterly no action has got Candace fuming in this week’s Young & Restless column. As far as she’s concerned, Jeremy Stark has officially joined the dubious ranks of non-villainous villains, but while she understands fan fury over Devon being pushed out of his own company, at least it’s trying to create drama!

What Went Down This Week: Summer and Kyle fought over his mother being a magnet for trouble. Jack and Diane framed Jeremy for stealing Nikki’s necklace and he was hauled off to jail, but both Nikki and Chance were suspicious. Chance’s disillusionment led to a discussion with Sharon about leaving law enforcement. Mariah and Tessa returned to Genoa City with the news that Delphine wants them to adopt her baby. Phyllis hung out with Tucker and Devon was stunned when Lily and Jill refused to sell his company back to him. Victoria, meanwhile, made nice with Chelsea, and Nick figured out that Sally is pregnant, so she came clean.

In Other News

Kelly Severide, Stella Kidd Chicago Fire

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • Tucker and Phyllis somehow keep finding themselves in each other’s orbit — but why is he so interested in Daniel’s latest project in this week’s Young & Restless preview? And is Victor going to come clean to Nick about his latest scheme?
  • Everyone’s talking about Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila/Bill story, so it’s not surprising that this week’s preview hints at what’s next in that wild and unpredictable tale!
  • The folks at Young & Restless will be paying tribute to one of our favorite ladies, and this week’s preview gives us a taste of just what we can expect from the Lauren-centric episode!
  • Now, we’re not saying that we believe for a minute Days of Our Lives really killed Marlena, but the much-loved heroine is about to get a major shock in heaven! Plus, this week’s preview indicates two Salem couples are heading for sexy, sexy trouble!
Check out our photo gallery of real-life partners of stars from all across the Law & Order franchise! 


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