Conrad looks pensive, while wearing scrubs in a hospital office on The Resident
Credit: Nathan Bolster/FOX

“Your guess is honestly as good as mine.”

Did we just witness the end of Fox’s medical drama The Resident? After an abbreviated sixth season, the show aired its season finale on Tuesday, January 17. And if you were one of the folks who watched thinking that it felt more like a series finale than an end to the season, trust us, you weren’t alone. And there’s a reason for that.

Showrunner Andrew Chapman sat down with TVInsider to unpack the finale and discuss whether we’ll be getting a seventh season of the long-running drama.

“Fingers crossed,” Chapman told the site. “We just don’t know. I don’t think that Fox knows. I don’t think anybody really knows. They hold out the possibility, but they won’t pick us up yet.”

The final decision probably won’t come until April or May, he noted, and it depends on a number of factors… including how the rest of Fox’s lineup is doing. After six years, though, it seemed like a good opportunity to provide an ending, even if it isn’t ultimately the ending.

“Given that we really don’t know and didn’t know whether this was going to be a series finale,” Chapman explained, “creator Amy Holden Jones and I really thought hard about how we would construct storylines that would give closure to the season, but if it had to be a series finale, would give our audience and our fans some closure to the whole series, too.”

In many ways, for instance, season six brought Conrad’s love life fully around, leaving him, if not in a definitive place, at least a hopeful one.

“Conrad’s relationship with Nic started the whole show,” reminded Chapman, “and we watched their evolution, and then we watched her give birth and then her death and how he deals with single parenthood and then begins to love again. That’s such a spine to this show.”

This past season, he began to date Billie and we got to watch their relationship grow and mature. It was, the showrunner acknowledged, a shortened season, but “We felt like Billie and Conrad saying, ‘I love you,’ at the end was really a fitting wrap-up if this is the end of the series.”

Of course, if there is a seventh season, there’s still plenty of storyline to continue. Devon, after all, just proposed to Leela, so their wedding would be a must.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, though we’ll have to wait and see if the folks at The Resident get to continue on. To read more about why The Resident wrapped up some storylines the way it did and what the plans are ahead for Ian, Cade, Randolph, Kitt and the rest of the cast, head over to TVInsider to read their full interview. Chapman had a whole lot to share!

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