Ben Masters and Lindsay Korman "Passions" Set Radford Studios 2/12/03 ©Paul Skipper/JPI 310-657-9661 Episode # 0940
Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI

“We went to hell and back.”

A lot of times, when an actor passes away, their co-stars take to social media to express their condolences and share their memories. And after the January 11 death of Passions scene stealer Ben Masters, Lindsay Hartley wanted to do just that. She couldn’t, though.

“It took me a minute to post about Ben,” she Instagrammed. “It was the pain that prevented me from posting earlier.”

With that, the soap-hopper — whose mischievous Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was at one point married to his villainous Julian Crane — disclosed what made Masters so very special. “Ben Masters was an extraordinary human. So talented, so witty, such a pleasure to be around and such a gift to work alongside,” she wrote. “My favorite memory is this: If any of you watched Passions, the character I played did a lot of questionable things, and there were times I would be stressed or anxious playing her because of it.

“One day on set, I was in a scene with Ben, and he picked up on my anxiousness and inquired,” she continued. “I told him my concern and he looked at me so empathetically and with a gentle smile said, ‘If it’s love, is it wrong?’ And this huge relief washed over me. He understood and just had that power to make you feel better. He was so aware… ”

Over the course of the soap’s 1999-2008 run, the castmates, both of whom stuck around for the duration, were dropped into one bonkers scenario after another. In fact, “as you can see from the picture, we went to hell and back…but I felt completely safe for the whole ride,” Hartley noted. “So many love you Ben. You are in our hearts.”

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