best primetime shows mashup
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See how our picks align with yours… or don’t.

Whelp. No one can say that we make things easy on ourselves here at Rather than contemplate something simple like, say, the seven most elegant Forrester-living-room weddings on The Bold and the Beautiful or the 10 most recent times that Sonny forgot that he’s a “good” mobster on General Hospital, we’ve gone and done something far trickier.

We’ve ranked the primetime dramas — all of them.

DYNASTY, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Ep. 3-23, 'The Threat', 04-13-1983. Season 3, 1981-1989.

Did these two read the rankings? No, they just dove right in.

Credit: Courtesy of the Everett Collection

At least all of them that qualify as soaps, whether fancypants ones like Downton Abbey or classically sudsy ones like Dynasty. Eligible to make the cut are any continuing dramas, whether they didn’t continue for long — like Bare Essence, the one-and-done vehicle that brought General Hospital leading lady Genie Francis (Laura) to primetime — or are still going strong, like Grey’s Anatomy (which is so well-positioned to keep scrubbing in through Season 20).

Tori and Jennie pitch the reboot to the cast on BH90210

“You’re still going on about Brenda vs. Kelly? It’s been 100 years!”

Credit: Shane Harvey/Fox

Obviously, you are going to have feelings about this list. If our roles were reversed, we would, too. Of course, we’d agree with some of the series’ placements and want to engage in a slap-off over where others landed. Just, before you hit the comments to register your approval or complaints, would you do one thing, please?

Scroll through the whole list below (or click here). Included in there are photos from some shows that we know are going to be surprises — mainly because they’ll be ones that you’ve probably altogether forgotten ever existed!