News Roundup: Huge Reveals, Shocking Twists and the Story Idea That Ticked a Whole Lotta People Off!

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Plus, sneak peeks at what’s coming next! 

If you struggled a bit getting back into the swing of things after ringing in the New Year, don’t worry, you weren’t alone. Luckily, we’re here to tell you all the stuff you missed — both on screen and off — where Days of Our Lives, Bold & Beautiful, General Hospital and Young & Restless are concerned! From unexpected hookups to real-life revelations, we’ve got it all… including a few primetime tidbits.

The Bold and the Beautiful

bill saves sheila bb

After the big Sheila/Billy news, we spent most of the week struggling to figure out what the heck was going on — and so did the fans! So we thought we’d try to answer the biggest questions that would actually make this hookup make sense!

This week, Bold & Beautiful was all about Sheila and her new man, Bill. But in his column, Richard wants to know what’s really going on… and why a couple of major questions are being completely ignored where Sheila’s future is concerned!

What Went Down Last Week: Sheila and Bill made a blood oath before proceeding with a plan for him to turn her in. After Sheila was arrested in his living room, Bill received visits from Wyatt and Liam, Katie — who hailed him as a hero — and Steffy, who worked overtime trying to convince him not to follow through on his threat to press charges against Taylor for shooting him if they testified against Sheila. Bill refused to back down and went to see Sheila, who was fresh off of visits with Mike Guthrie and Li, the latter of whom dropped in at the jail to taunt her former captor. As Bill demanded to know if Sheila’s feelings for him were real and debated siding with her against the world, Taylor arrived home from her conference, oblivious to the stress Steffy and Finn were under. Steffy promised her mother she’d do whatever was necessary to ensure she got the happiness she deserves.

Days of Our Lives

Xander greets Justin days peacock

As Days of Our Lives has been saying farewell to John Aniston, we’ve all understandably been looking to the past. But as we prepare for the show to give Victor a proper sendoff, it might be time to start looking to the future — and the shocking Kiriakis feud that could kick off a surprise resurrection!

New year, new Salem? Maybe not, but if Days of Our Lives follows through with even half the death and destruction it’s setting up, it’s going to be looking very different soon! That, though, as Curtis notes in his column this week, is a big “if!” But hey, at least the show’s swinging for the fences, right?

What Went Down Last Week: Gabi interrupted Stefan and Chloe in Miami as they were having sex for the first time to inform them Stefan had been brainwashed. Stefan didn’t care and kicked Gabi out, but Chloe couldn’t ignore the revelation and asked Stefan to get a different room. Kristen was a mess over a missing Rachel until she overheard Brady discussing with Eric their plan to trade Rachel for the orchid. She led Brady to her hiding spot in the DiMera tunnels, but discovered the orchid was missing. Which was unfortunate, considering the women started exhibiting symptoms at the exact same time. Kate even flatlined, forcing Rex to declare time of death. After filling Justin and Bonnie in about Xander being the kidnapper, Sarah decided she could no longer trust her husband and declared she wanted a divorce. EJ and Nicole’s New Year’s Eve kiss led them to her bedroom, but Nicole stopped things knowing she was just trying to get over Eric. Sonny and Will made up, Rafe signed divorce papers, and a jealous Alex declined a call from Chad to Stephanie about her mother falling ill.

General Hospital

We finally found out who the Hook was this past week, but now that we know, it’s left us with more questions than answers! How does it all make sense and what happens next? We tried to fill in the blanks as the actor playing the twisted killer delved deeper into the psyche of a serial killer!

The Hook took center stage in a big way this week as Britt’s farewell took a tragic turn and we finally learned the identity of Port Charles’ creepiest serial kill. In short, Dustin writes in this week’s column, General Hospital was everything he could want in a soap.

What Went Down Last Week: Spencer and Trina were stunned when Esme appeared on The Haunted Star soaking wet and pregnant. They rushed her to the hospital, where she claimed she had amnesia. Nikolas was forced to admit the baby she was carrying was his. Back at the pier, Joss was about to head into Britt’s party when the hook attempted another attack on her. Her screams brought Britt, who was nearby, running. Britt fought off the hook killer, and Dex arrived in time to take a shot. The killer fled, and everything seemed okay. Later Britt returned to the boat where only her mother was left. She had been scratched by the hook and died in her mother’s arms. Later, an enraged Obrecht attempted to kill Esme in the hospital, believing her to be the hook, but was stopped by Nina. In the wake of almost losing her life, Joss and Dex gave in to their passion and made love. Joss later broke up with Cam, claiming they had grown apart. And Ryan was stunned not to realize earlier that Heather was the hook killer. Heather had a plan to continue her work and free Esme.

The Young and the Restless

For one brief, shining moment, Young & Restless fans got to relive the magic that was Christine and Danny. But in our exclusive interview, Lauralee Bell teases us with the scene we didn’t get to see — but that could promise an even bigger reunion to come!

The wheels are furiously spinning on Young & Restless, Candace writes in her column this week, and yet the show never seems to get anywhere. It’s time to stop telling us folks like Tucker and Jeremy Stark are trouble and show us!

What Went Down This Week: A panicked Sally confirmed her pregnancy, though she’s yet to tell Adam or Nick. Phyllis’ disappointment in Summer led to the blonde to confide in Daniel that she blames Diane for the chaos and to tell Kyle she wants to leave the country with Harrison. Sharon spent time with Chance, Abby and Devon had sex again — after which he discovered Tucker’s alliance with Audra — and Victoria opened up to Nate. A reunion years in the making happened when Danny and Christine reconnected, and Jack once again argued with Ashley, who laid down the law regarding Diane, who, in turn, set out to prove her loyalty to Jeremy. Finally, Billy and Lily’s therapy session led to the realization that they needed to go their separate ways.

In Other News

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What’s Coming Up…

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