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An internal investigation is launched after a life is lost.

If you were one of the 5.5 million viewers that tuned in to the fall finale of CBS’ new, popular series Fire Country on Friday, December 9, then you were left hanging on the edge of your seat as the last scene showed Bode going over the bridge, still inside the wrecked car, as it crashed into the water below. Well, fans, you don’t have to wait any longer to find out if Vince and Sharon are going to lose another child — their only one left — to yet another tragic car accident.

The popular drama returns from its winter break this Friday, January 6, at 9 pm, with a new episode titled “No Good Deed.” And given the back and forth decisions that were made in an attempt to save a brother and sister from meeting the same fate Bode did, you can bet there is going to be an internal investigation launched into the difficult rescue that went awry.

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If you need a refresher that led up to the car going over the edge… After the brother and sister were forced into the bridge guardrail by an irate driver, Vince’s firefighters, as well as Manny’s Cal Fire crew, consisting of prisoners assisting the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, rushed to the scene. It was then that Vince’s judgment was compromised when the rescue triggered emotional memories of the night his daughter died in a car accident — the same accident he blamed his son Bode for since he’d been the driver.

They managed to save the girl but feared her brother wouldn’t be as lucky. However, Bode, having lost a sibling, refused to let Sam die and jumped into the car and saved him, only to put himself in danger, which led to the car going over the bridge — with him in it.

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While details of the new episode are being kept under wraps, the synopsis also states that the internal investigation will not only be launched due to the circumstances surrounding the difficult rescue but because a life was lost as well. So, does that mean that Bode is dead? Well, we can tell you that his body is located by none of other than his former best friend’s girl, Gabriela, who’s clearly performing CPR on Bode on the riverbank.

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And you’ll never believe how Gabriella located Bode! Find out in the promo…

Whether or not she can save Bode, or if he’s the life that was lost… well, we’ll have to tune in to find out. Will you be watching? We will! Let us know your theories as to what will go down by sharing them in the comment section.

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