Warning: Big spoilers ahead!

There’s never been any love lost between Yellowstone‘s Jamie and Beth, but things were taken to a whole new level in this week’s midseason finale. By the end of the extended episode, we were left wondering whether Beth would really kill Jamie… or if he might do away with his sister first?

The episode, much like the season itself, featured more than a few cliffhangers, but most of them were of the emotional variety. (We’ll dive into the Jamie/Beth situation in a moment… ) Kayce and Monica made a big decision regarding their future, with it looking as if they’d be spending a lot more time helping care for the ranch in the absence of Rip and most of the other cowboys.

Speaking of the cowboys, it looks like they might be spending a very long time down in the panhandle of Texas, where the cattle were being taken to avoid the Brucellois virus. Among the parting couples were Rip and Beth as well as Colby and Teeter, who took the opportunity to whisper “I love you.” (Not only that, but she did so slowly and with darn near perfect enunciation!)

In an oddly random series of scenes, we finally got our first glimpses of Jimmy and Emily’s life down on the Four Sixes ranch. There was also a downright delicious Summer/Beth scene, with the vegan giving as good as she got from her kinda-sorta boyfriend’s daughter.

But of course, the real drama came following Jamie’s decision to try and have his dad impeached. Finding out about her brother’s move, Beth broke into his home — literally, with a brick — to demand he stop the process. Otherwise, Beth warned, she’d reveal that Jamie had killed his biological father. But Jamie, in turn, dropped a major bombshell by filling Beth in on the train station and the many Dutton secrets it contained.

The next thing we knew, Beth was suggesting to her dad that Jamie should be given a one-way ticket to the train station. Not to be outdone, Jamie asked girlfriend Sarah if she might know of someone who could do away with his sister.

Sadly, we will now have to wait until summer to find out how things will play out, as Yellowstone will be on hiatus until the second half of season five debuts.

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