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A tease from Dawn Olivieri may shed light on Jamie and Sarah’s plans.

The latest Yellowstone cliffhanger was a doozy as Jamie got in even deeper with the calculating Sarah Atwood. We knew she’d be out to win at all costs, but the tide took a decidedly sinister turn as they plotted their next move…

Sarah Atwood seems to be Market Equities’ version of Beth Dutton — a woman who is willing to be positively ruthless to get what she wants. In fact, her seduction of Jamie appeared to be nothing more than a strategy to beat his family. But we have to wonder how far she’s willing to go to achieve her ends. Murder?!?

It sure sounded like it at the end of Yellowstone season five, episode six, when her conversation with Jamie took a downright shocking turn!

Backing up a bit, Sarah had proposed to Jamie that she would help him become governor and he pointed out that it may not be possible for him to beat John in a “fair fight”. His lover agreed and then uttered the ominous, “I don’t think we can let him show up to the fight.”

So, is the woman aiming to manipulate Jamie into offing his adopted father in order to take the governorship?

In a recent interview with our sister site, TV Line, Dawn Olivieri, who plays Atwood, explained that the meaning of the line is “hard to pin down.”

She could have been referring to killing John, whose popularity and policies threaten everything Market Equities is trying to accomplish in Montana. Murdering the Dutton patriarch would certainly put him out of the running for governor.

But she’s not likely to be getting her own hands dirty, so the question there becomes whether or not Jamie would be up to the task. We definitely know he’s capable of it — he offed his biological father — but could he really pull the trigger on the man who raised him?

Olivieri teased that co-creator Taylor Sheridan, “Doesn’t like to duplicate things,” meaning that Jamie is unlikely to kill yet another of his fathers.

How then, will they ensure John doesn’t “show up to the fight”?

The preview for season five, episode seven gives us a clue. Sarah and Jamie are clearly discussing the governor when she declares, “Sounds like an impeachable offense to me,” and Jamie replies, “Yes, it does.”

This makes us wonder if Jamie and Sarah will devise a scheme to set up John to be removed from the governorship — they’re certainly savvy enough to do it.

The question in everyone’s mind, then, is going to be whether or not they can pull it off before John — or more importantly, perhaps — Beth discovers what they’re up to and puts an end to it.

Though Beth hasn’t yet made the connection between Sarah and Market Equities, it’s only a matter of time after her snapping a pic of Atwood’s (apparently fake) ID from her handbag, and when she does… well, that’s another story.

What do you think Jamie and Sarah will do to John as Yellowstone season five continues. Share your theory with us in the comment section below.

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