Yellowstone mashup
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All signs point to tragedy.

Aside from some epic Beth showdowns — most recently with Jamie and Summer — Yellowstone has been fairly even-keeled in season five. But all of that is about to change as we head toward the mid-season finale.

The latest Yellowstone trailer features ominous undertones and downright alarming snippets from episode six that make it clear something goes seriously wrong on the two-night spring gathering… and it could involve Kayce.

What makes us think harm comes to Kayce? In the trailer, we see a flash of John comforting one of the teen boys — probably Tate. It’s clear that something grim has taken place. Beth rides up on the scene and immediately removes her hat at the sight of whoever has met an unfortunate fate. Combine that with the voiceover of Monica saying, “When we say we give everything to the land, we mean everything,” and it points to Kayce.

John’s looking pretty stoic for someone who has possibly lost his son, but then again, he displayed his trademark unflappable demeanor when his eldest son died at the beginning of the series. Notably, Kayce isn’t seen anywhere in the promo, though we know he’s part of the group.

But would they really take Monica’s husband, Tate’s dad, (and one of the lead characters), so soon after losing the baby? We hope not, which is why the EMS helicopter gives us a glimmer of hope. They wouldn’t be calling paramedics if the person in question was dead, right?!

Of course, we only see the boy John is comforting from the back, so it could be Carter and not Tate. The stoic ranch owner may be shielding the upset young man from the sight of a grisly accident that’s befallen someone in the group.

Taking Monica’s voiceover as a clue, it could be Tate who gets injured or worse. Or the voiceover could be a red herring.

If it’s actually Carter that John is comforting, it could be that the scene involves the death or injury of someone he has grown close to, such as (God forbid) Rip. Beth does ride up on the scene by herself, even though she’s with him earlier in the clip.

Of course, it could be Lloyd who has met some awful fate. Perhaps the rigors of the gathering — two nights with no bedrolls, food, etc. — took a toll on the older cowboy?

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We also have to wonder if the person in question might be John’s assistant, Clara. John was surprised to learn that Clara could ride when she decided to join the gathering. Perhaps she was rusty and fell off her horse? The sight of anyone horribly hurt would be enough to upset Tate or Carter.

We invite you to take another look (or five) at the trailer and see if you can piece together the mystery:

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