News Roundup: The Death of a Supercouple, Wedding Implosion Winners & Losers and the Shocking Identity of Mommie Dearest?

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Plus, sneak peeks at what’s coming next! 

Hey, it’s the holiday season, and there’s a lot going on! So we totally get that you may not have had time to keep up with all the latest news and plot twists from Bold & Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Young & Restless. But that’s why you keep us around, right? Read on, and we’ll not only catch you up on the latest real-life news, we’ll tell you who did what to whom on the soaps last week. Heck, we’ll even give you spoilers for what’s coming up!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Taylor’s wedding blew up in so epic a manner that you could probably hear the explosion from where you live. Find out here who emerged from the rubble a winner, and who were the biggest losers?

  • Sure, that wedding disaster was one heck of a spectacle, but we can pretty much guarantee the fallout from it is going to be downright devastating! Thomas getting busted is just the start. Here’s the combustable scenario that may well be next!
  • As if there hasn’t been enough drama happening, Annika Noelle is ready for Hope to find out a few more life-changing — or is that life-threatening? — truths that are sure to shake up her family even more. Here’s the shocker to which she’s counting down!
  • Fans have been waiting for Sheila to get what’s coming to her… which makes this the perfect time to watch exactly the circumstances surrounding her nightmare come to life!
  • It was a night that Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) won’t soon forget after she reflected on the experience that left “my eyes watering with tears.” What on earth happened? Find out here!
In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard gives big props to the writers for having Steffy step up to the plate. But like the rest of us, he can’t help wondering if Taylor or one of her children will finally come clean… and who’ll pay the price once the you-know-what hits the fan!

What Went Down Last Week: Taylor’s dream wedding went down the tubes after Steffy brought the ceremony to a screeching halt. She told her dad that Thomas had set up Brooke, and after reeling over his son’s monstrous move, Ridge made a beeline for Brooke to “set things right.” An outraged Brooke told him to do some soul-searching as she was over the “back-and-forth.” After Brooke filled in Liam and Hope, who later got Douglas back, she went over to confront Taylor, who knew what Thomas had done but hadn’t spoken up. The women ended up telling each other how sorry they were, while across town, Steffy put Thomas on notice that he’d be facing consequences. In Deacon and Sheila’s corner of L.A., she vowed to find a way to rebound from her current situation, and Deacon got a chance to needle Bill, who was drowning his sorrows at Il Giardino.

Days of Our Lives

In his Brady Pub room, Eric looks angrily at Nicole

After months of “Ericole” buildup, it’s finally become clear what the show’s ultimate goal was with these two — and it wasn’t at all what we thought! Cue the ticked off fans in three… two… one…

Days of Our Lives ended November with a series of bangs, giving viewers the confrontations they’ve been waiting on for ages. From Jada’s explosive, relationship-ending revelation to EJ facing down a dead woman, there was plenty for Curtis to sink his teeth into in this week’s Soapbox column!

What Went Down Last Week: At the crash site, Tony and Chad found a drunken EJ, who insisted that he had seen Ava and that they had struggled over a gun. Tony and Chad chalked it up to EJ’s drinking, but an unseen bullet was left behind. With Gwen’s help, Xander convinced Sarah that he hadn’t kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. Jada told Eric that after Nicole confronted her about the baby, she’d had an abortion. Gutted, Eric had an ugly argument with Nicole and walked out on her. He later took a drink and then found Nicole drowning her sorrows with EJ. Johnny and Wendy confronted EJ and Li, respectively, about Stefan’s brainwashing. Both men admitted their roles in it but convinced their relatives to keep quiet. Belle got Chanel out on bail, leading a vengeful Trask to have Paulina arrested for covering up Sloan’s mother’s death. Kristen manipulated Brady into showing her some compassion, but John and Marlena vowed to stop her before Brady fell under her spell again. 

General Hospital

Esme plots GH

Let’s be clear here: None of us want this to be true, but General Hospital may have finally revealed the secret identity of Esme‘s Mommie Dearest. And it is truly horrifying! See for yourself!

  • And that’s a wrap! Emma Samms took Holly out in a fiery blaze, and Anna’s disappearance had fans wondering whether Finola Hughes was also saying bye, bye, bye. The Emmy winner’s answer here!
  • A legacy character’s return tease could be a precursor to the moment fans have been waiting for. Who’s back, and what does it mean? Here’s your answer.
  • Her rocking the role is only part of the story. Here, Tabyana Ali opens up about the surprisingly twisty road that led to her being cast as Trina — and left the actress crying for days. 
  • Kirsten Storms (Maxie) celebrated a momentous first with her 8-year-old and fans got to see it all when she shared her “cute little nugget” with the world! 

We had to wait a bit, but we finally got our non-traditional Thanksgiving this past week! And while Dustin admits in his salty Soapbox column this week that he’s getting a little tired of the Willow/Nina drama, Michael, for once, left him pleasantly surprised! Now, if only he could say the same about that Brook Lynn and Chase breakup…

What Went Down Last Week: The cabin Holly was hiding out in with the necklace exploded, and she ran out on fire. Robert doused the flames with a blanket, and his lost-and-found love was put in an ambulance to be taken to a hospital specializing in burn victims. However, it was revealed that Holly had staged the accident with Felicia’s help, just as she and Robert staged her drugging him to steal the necklace. Holly said goodbye to Robert before heading off to try and find where Ethan was being held captive. Heather and Ryan had a surprising encounter in Spring Ridge, and both seemed to recognize the other. Victor and Nikolas visited Spencer in Pentonville, but the inmate wanted nothing to do with his father. Cyrus revealed to Spencer that Victor was the one who had tried to kill Laura and Martin last summer. Valentin informed Sonny that the Pikeman Security Group wanted to ship goods through Port Charles and would pay him. Oh, and btw, saying no was not an option. The Quartermaines had another Thanksgiving dinner of pizza after Olivia unknowingly ordered a live turkey, which destroyed their dinner. And after Willow fainted, Michael felt it was time to come forward about her leukemia.

The Young and the Restless

Tessa Mariah toast Y&R

In the daytime world, there’s almost always a price for happiness, and this time “Teriah” may end up paying it! In fact, Tessa and Mariah’s joy could end up tearing their very family apart.

As much as Candace was enjoying Young & Restless‘ November sweeps, in this week’s no-holds-barred Soapbox column, she admits to being baffled by how the show ended the month by petering out. Another round of musical jobs isn’t exactly the big-hitting story she was looking for, but at least with Jeremy Stark finally in town, December’s getting off to a stronger start!

What Went Down This Week: Victor got his confrontation on with both Chance and Nick, who defended Sally to his father even as she indulged in a kiss with his brother Adam in her suite. This was on the heels of Adam and Chelsea dealing with Connor having been in a fight at school. Chance kept Abby’s secret from her dad but later stunned her by asking for a divorce. Daniel pitched a new gaming platform to Devon and Lily, who ate it up. Lily talked to Chelsea about spending time with Billy, and Devon introduced Tucker to Dom. Summer fumed at Kyle for not telling her that Diane helped put the dangerous Jeremy Stark in prison. It all came to a head when Phyllis anonymously contacted Diane’s former associate and led him straight to the door of the Abbott mansion!

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

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