News Roundup: The Future of ‘Sinn,’ Second Chance Romances and Flashbacks Galore

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Plus, sneak peeks at what’s coming next! 

Hey, it’s the holiday season, and there’s a lot going on! So we totally get that you may not have had time to keep up with all the latest news and plot twists from Bold & Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Young & Restless. But that’s why you keep us around, right? Read on, and we’ll not only catch you up on the latest real-life news, we’ll tell you who did what to whom on the soaps last week. Heck, we’ll even give you spoilers for what’s coming up and even a few tidbits about your favorite primetime shows!

The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B steffy finn office

Thanksgiving may be in the rearview mirror, but supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk teases that we’re going to have a”Sinn”ful holiday season just around the corner. Plus, it may finally be do-or-die for Sheila! 

In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard gives big props to the writers for having Steffy step up to the plate. But like the rest of us, he can’t help wondering if Taylor or one of her children will finally come clean… and who’ll pay the price once the you-know-what hits the fan!

What Went Down Last Week: Douglas shocked Steffy with the truth about his dad and the CPS call, and a showdown ensued between Thomas and his sister. Meanwhile, in Brooke’s living room, Carter confronted Bill after hearing him declare his love to Katie immediately after being shot down by her sister. Later, as the Logan girls supported Brooke, they got a boost of love and support when Stephen Logan returned with his new lady love, Lucy. Over at Eric’s, Taylor was absolutely appalled to learn that Thomas made the CPS call to frame Brooke. She then found herself walking down the aisle and facing a moment of truth at the altar — would she tell Ridge and risk her future with him as Steffy insisted or keep quiet as Thomas urged?

Days of Our Lives

days bo hope park hw

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell are both on their way back to Salem, but if Days of Our Lives wants to do the inevitable Bo and Hope reunion, there are a few mistakes they absolutely can’t make!

With November sweeps coming to an end and viewers settling in for the holidays, it seemed like the perfect time for Curtis to offer up a review of what’s working what isn’t in this week’s column. Are the literally explosive storylines enough to pull Days of Our Lives out of the slump it previously seemed stuck in?

What Went Down Last Week: Despite Susan seeing his face, Xander let her go. Ava recaptured her and, upon “Charlie’s” urging, drove herself and Susan off a cliff. An in-pursuit EJ watched the car explode. He later drowned his sorrows at the crash site where he heard rustling from the cliff — just as the doll Susan long ago made for Marlena fell off a shelf. After hearing a rescued Bonnie’s description of her captor, Sarah asked Xander if he was the kidnapper. Wendy and Johnny freed themselves from Rolf’s capture and left him tied up in his Jakarta lab. At Thanksgiving dinner, Jada decided to keep the baby and co-parent with Eric. But after a heated confrontation with Nicole, she changed her mind about motherhood. Abe pulled strings so Chanel could enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with her family in the interrogation room, and Alex delighted Stephanie with an intimate and nostalgic turkey dinner.

General Hospital

Carly calls Nina out GH

Nina may just have meddled in Carly’s business for the last time. Because as formidable as “Sona” is, we’re pretty sure Carly knows the one former enemy out there who can split them up! All it’ll take is one simple little phone call…

Dustin was dealt a few emotional blows by what went down on General Hospital. As he explains in this week’s column, he’d bee holding out hope that Britt might get better and that Luke was live and being held hostage. Instead, we now know Britt’s in a state of decline and Ethan, not Luke, is Victor’s captive.

What Went Down Last Week: Robert confronted Holly about her working for Victor. She admitted Victor was holding Ethan hostage to force her to do his bidding, including framing Anna for Lucy’s murder. However, she explained Lucy was alive. Later when Robert acquired the diamond necklace from Britt and Cody, Holly drugged her ex in order to swipe it. Britt learned that she was in stage three of Huntington’s Disease and only had five to 15 years left. After Joss nursed Dex back to health, he passionately kissed her. And as Chase learned from Dante that the cop asked Brook Lynn to write a letter to help him get reinstated on the force, which she had yet to produce, Brook Lynn struck a deal with Linc to get her songs back.

The Young and the Restless

Chance saw it coming Y&R

Abby and Chance’s marriage may be just about dead and buried at this point, but that doesn’t mean the cop’s destined for a life alone! And Melissa Ordway, of all people, might just have tipped us off as to who he’ll fall for next!

Young & Restless may have had a short week thanks to the holiday festivities, but that didn’t mean Candace didn’t have plenty to say in her column this week! From Daniel’s return to Diane joining in on the Abbott Thanksgiving dinner, it was a deliciously soapy feast.

What Went Down This Week: Adam’s impulsive proposal to Sally became a debacle when he grabbed her arm and Nick intervened. Later, Adam told her they were meant to be together. Daniel returned to Genoa City and reminisced with Lily before confessing to Phyllis that he and Heather were on the rocks. Ashley and Diane’s latest clash was interrupted by Jack, and the tension carried over to the Abbott Thanksgiving. Nate made up with Elena, only to stand her up for a late-night gabfest with Victoria. Victor was stunned to learn Abby and Chance were on the outs, Mariah and Tessa updated Sharon that their adoption fell through (this on the heels of Noah opening up to her about Audra’s miscarriage), and Johnny sat down with Chelsea at Thanksgiving after Connor confided in him about her recent struggles.

In Other News

Jack toast Thanksgiving Y&R
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