Neighbours opening screenshot
Credit: Amazon Freevee

These days, there’s hope for every soap!

The Golden Age of soaps may be over, but it’s hard to deny that we live in a gilded era of entertainment. Network television, cable channels catering to every interest, streaming services everywhere we look — there really is something out there for everyone.

And even better, it’s starting to look like there might soon be a home for everything. We first got a glimpse of this back when ABC axed long-running soaps All My Children and One Life to Live only for them to be picked up by one of the earliest streaming services, The Online Network.

They were a bit too early, unfortunately, and couldn’t quite make it work, but now, of course, Days of Our Lives has moved from NBC to stream on Peacock and seem to be doing better than their network replacement. And General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), we just learned, is even shopping around for a streaming home to bring Santa Barbara back with its original creative team.

Well, it looks like this network to streaming pipeline is just picking up steam because per our sister site TVLine, Australia’s long-running soap Neighbours is being resurrected online!

The sudser had aired for nearly 40 years before its plug was pulled this past July and in that time, it helped launch the career of countless famous Aussie actors and performers like brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Kylie Minogue and even Russel Crowe.

All hope had seemed lost, but now it seems that Amazon’s free streaming service, the aptly named Amazon Freevee, will begin airing new episodes of Neighbours sometime in the second half of 2023 in the US and the UK, while streaming on Prime Video in Australia.

Plus, Amazon will be hosting thousands of episodes of the sudser for those who want to catch up. This is amazing news, not just for Neighbours fans, but fans of soaps in general. It means there’s always hope that our favorite sudsers could find new homes and new lives.

And for US audiences who’ve been looking for their next new obsession, here’s the perfect chance to hop on this Australian favorite and find some new Neighbours!

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