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Will the platform gain viewers or drive them away? 

In the television world — and especially the streaming one — true crime documentaries and shows have, quite frankly, reigned supreme for some time now. Recently, though, it seems like the tide may be turning as networks and platforms push up against what folks feel is in good taste.

Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer show, while incredibly popular, has led to a backlash of disgust as viewers push back against what they see as coming far too close to glorifying a monster and hurting the family of his victims. And now Peacock‘s wading into this controversy in a very big way.

The streaming platform released it’s first 38-second teaser video of their new documentary, Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies. There’s not much to the clip other than letting us know that the limited series will contain an interview with Anthony, the Florida woman accused, but acquitted of murdering her daughter.

It’s a case that has likely, for the most part faded from folks minds. We doubt many people are going around wondering what Anthony is up to these days, nor do they particularly want to know. Though the legal system declared her innocent, it’s probably safe to say that few people elsewhere have felt the same.

And when it comes to the thought of a parent killing their own child, it’s not hard to see why people feel so strongly.

The reaction, as you can imagine, has not been positive. Though there are a few, it’s difficult to find many comments of anyone saying they’re interested in watching this.

“Gross” and “disgusting” are two words used a lot in the Twitter replies, while also prevalent were folks both pleading and demanding that networks stop giving horrible folks a platform. But even more than that, it doesn’t take much scrolling through the replies to find a number of people who mention cancelling their Peacock subscriptions over this.

There’s that old saying about how the only bad publicity is no publicity, but it’ll be interesting to see whether Peacock ends up regretting this particular venture or reaping the rewards as folks hate-watch in droves.