Who do you prefer? Jess and Nash or Jess and Antonio?

All My Children:

From Bunny A.: Please bring Dixie back so she and Tad can rescue Cathy/Kate!!!

From Linda S.: They need to Bring Dixie back for good to be with Tad. We need families to stay together!!!

As The World Turns:

From Lena M.: I love ATWT and I think everyone in that show is amazing. I don’t have a favorite actor or actress because that is wrong when everyone works damn good and hard. And it is the only show I care to watch and pay attention to right now.

Bold and the Beautiful:

From Iris W.: I watch Bold and the Beautiful because of the Brooke and Ridge love affair. They’re the Nikki & Victor of the Bold and the Beautiful. Let them get married for once and be happy!

From Tracy V.: I would love to be able to see this show online, in full episodes. That would be great.

From Elaine B.: I am enjoying Ticky (Taylor and Nicky) and so are a lot of other viewers out there. Keep Ticky together and leave Bridge (Brooke and Ridge) together.

Days of our Lives:

From Nora B.: I love Brandon Beemer (Shawn)!!!!!!!!!!

From Agathe B.: I’ve been watching Days for a least 25 years now and I’ve been rooting for Sami and Lucas to finally get married and stay together!

General Hospital:

From Patricia D.: You should have more sexy scenes of Robin & Patrick Drake. They are my favorite. Thanks!

From Edith K.: I have been a fan of General Hospital for most of my life, the start of Laura & Scotty and then Laura & Luke; the super couple. Lulu is so similar to Laura in so many ways. She even looks a little like Laura! With the right guy, I think Lulu could be GH next super couple. I haven’t figured out who the perfect guy would be. I think she might be good with Cooper.

From Melanie G.: I want to see more of Sonny, Carly, Sam and Jason.