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“We don’t take our foot off the gas.” 

With less than two weeks to go until the highly-anticipated return of Yellowstone on Sunday, November 13, the horse opera has released a new tease-filled video which is sure to get fans even more pumped for Season 5 to finally begin.

“The audience is gonna love it,” says Luke Grimes, whose Kaycee could soon find himself at a crossroads. After all, last season’s vision quest found Kayce telling wife Monica that he’d seen “the end of us.” Of course, that could mean the end of his marriage — especially given that Avery has admitted she, too, loves the hunk — or the end of the Dutton family as a whole.

“I think the strength of the story is we don’t take our foot off the gas,” muses leading man Kevin Costner, whose John now finds himself more powerful than ever thanks to having been elected governor of Montana.

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Elsewhere, black sheep Jamie continues down a dark road. “John winning the governorship [over] Jamie is obviously devastating, because it’s been his path,” reminds portrayer Wes Bentley. Worse, things between Jamie and Beth are, he adds, “only getting worse.”

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That said, Beth may find herself with bigger fish to fry thanks to the arrival of Sarah Atwood, played by new cast member Dawn Olivieri. “Sarah will be an adversary for Beth in a way that she’s never experienced,” previews Kelly Reilly, whose alter ego will also find herself dealing with shifting dynamics on the homefront thanks to her new marriage to true love Rip.

Summing up the season as a whole (you can check out the entire video below), Reilly warns, “It’s gonna be bloody!” Then again, anyone who’s watched Yellowstone in the past knows to expect nothing less. The only question is who’ll find themselves with a one-way ticket to the train station?

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