Credit: Are you one of the fans who is tired of Theresa and Ethan?

All My Children:

From Lois P.: I’ve been watching AMC since its beginning and am about to quit; the language is getting ugly and unacceptable. I’m very disappointed.

From Martha C.: I don’t know why people keep getting down on Josh. He is a refreshing figure with so much love for Babe something she hasn’t had with JR (THE Creep). Anyone would love to have someone like Josh to love them. JR should be Erica & Adam’s child. He is so much like them, controlling and full of hate! Neither of the three knows how to sincerely love someone. They just like to control. Don’t let Josh go, give him a good story line.

As The World Turns:

From Alice T.: I’ve watched this show for 45 years. Several friends have as well. ALL of us have become disgusted with the writing lately. Three of us haven’t watched it since mid Feb. as it became more like a horror show. Where is John Dixon, Dr. Ben and why do we rarely see Nancy Hughes or Lisa? They have killed the show, and that IS a crime.

Bold and the Beautiful:

From Michelle F.: Your story-lines are for the birds. For starters get rid of Rich, Brook, Stephanie etc., and their boring repetitious love triangles and same old carrying on. Start anew. You obviously have run out of ideas. You are losing your audience fast.

From Ginny L.: Please make Brooke a woman that makes it on her own. Why must she have a man? Give her some time off from men.

Days of our Lives:

From Kathleen A.: please let Sammie finally get married. It gets boring with the same things happening to her.

From Jake R.: Get EJ and Sami together instead of Lumi and we’ll see the sparks fly! Why can’t you have a storyline in the works like this for someone as spicy as Sami. I hate that she always ends up with boring Lucas. EJ and Sami are two peas in a pod. Please get someone else to write dialogue for the show too. We hate seeing EJ call dudes sweetheart or sunshine. Come on! The guy is supposed to be evil. Evil guys don’t call each other sunshine!!

General Hospital:

From Marie V.: I find that the storylines on GH are too long and drag out with little news about the situation from day to day. I am very disappointed that they killed off Alan Quartermaine and he had heart and most of the characters that are developed have no real human emotion or value. I say developed some good old story lines. Why don’t Luke and Laura get back on and start getting into some family dynamics with the Spenser’s and Nicholas. Skye and Luke had some chemistry. Why not fire up that relationship. I miss seeing Luke. Where are the good story lines? Who cares about Sam’s past, I don’t.