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Only one movie could manage to put this many stars in jeopardy! 

If you think The Young and the Restless‘ Elena is having a rough go of it lately, wait until you meet Madison, the character Brytni Sarpy plays in The Final Rose. The flick, currently streaming on Tubi, is a crazy send-up of The Bachelor featuring a virtual galaxy of past and present soap stars, including Roger Howarth (General Hospital‘s Austin), Noah Adamson (ex-Noah, Young & Restless), Brittany Underwood (Langston, One Life to Live) and Robert Palmer Watkins (ex-Dillon, General Hospital).

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The premise? Filming has begun on the 25th season of a reality show called Love at Last, with the cast and crew gathered on a remote island. Even as executive producer Bill (Howath) tries keeping the show’s coke-snorting, redemption-seeking bachelor (Watkins) from derailing the entire program, Sarpy’s Madison is keeping secrets and underlings Nikki (Underwood) and Patrick (Adamson) are caught up in the unfolding madness.

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Is Sarpy’s Madison buying what Watkins’ bad boy is trying to sell?

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So is the movie worth your time? Definitely… especially for the standout performance from Sarpy, who is largely wasted during the first third of the flick only to steal every scene she’s in as Nikki’s secret comes to light. Watkins, too, is a blast as a morally bankrupt guy doing his best to pull the wool over the eyes of the women competing for his heart.

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The script is a fun if majorly cynical glimpse behind the scenes of a Bachelor-like show on which nobody is there “for the right reasons,” women are ready to cry on cue (complete with retakes) and the leading man is as interested in finding love as we are in alcohol-free cocktails. As Watkins’ alter ego explains, once the show wraps, he and the recipient of his final rose “are going to go to the Bahamas, we’re going to [boink] for a week, we’re going to break up on Instagram and then we’re going to go our separate ways. I don’t care!”

It’s worth noting that the movie does contain some adult language and, what with being a horror flick and all, a bit of gore. (One scene in particular is shocking as it comes out of nowhere and is more than a little bloody, so be warned!) As to the identity of the person committing the murders, well… we’d spill the beans, but then we’d have to kill you!

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