News Roundup: A Shocking Connection, Real-Life Heartache, and the Twist That *Nobody* Wanted

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Plus, sneak peeks at what’s coming next! 

With so much going on in the world of daytime, it’s easy to miss a story or two — including some of the biggest ones unfolding on screen. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that went down last week on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even coverage of primetime’s best sudsers!

The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B Thomas phone

Congrats, The Bold and the Beautiful. You went from a crazy theory about Thomas to the revelation that he called CPS in about three seconds flat. And in the process, you ruined Hope’s growth, turned Ridge into the victim no one wants and ticked off a whole lot of fans while you were at it. Well, there’s nowhere to go but up!

  • Luckily, there is one surprise return that could completely upend the Thomas twist and turn virtually every family on the show on its head — in the best way!
  • Mystery surrounds the return of troublemaker Justin, as Aaron D. Spears makes his way back to the CBS soap — but what brings the character back?!
  • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) captured a precious moment between a “boy and his dog” and just about melted our hearts when she shared it.
  • Our hearts went out to Heather Tom (Katie) as she shared her devastating loss, noting, “We will love him forever.”
Richard struggled a bit in writing his column this week, but that was mostly because he just wanted to spend it bashing Ridge. Then again, by the time this Aspen mess wraps up, he’s pretty sure no one’s going to come out of it smelling like roses — and that includes Taylor!

What Went Down Last Week: Thomas duked it out (verbally) with Donna over Ridge leaving Brooke for Taylor. During this debate, it was revealed that Ridge had gone to Aspen to see Taylor and, later, that Brooke had pursued him there. Ultimately, Ridge reunited with Taylor after dumping Brooke (without actually telling her why).  In a moment alone in the Forrester living room, Thomas revealed what many suspected — he’d made the call to CPS, setting up Brooke by using Douglas’ voice-changing app. Katie, meanwhile, confided in Carter that  Bill wanted her back… having no idea he was at that very moment consoling her sister, Brooke.

Days of Our Lives

Stefan puts his ring on Gabi's desk. She folds her arms and glares at it

With so many clued into the fact that something’s off with Stefan, his brainwashing reversal and reunion with Gabi is all but inevitable… right? Maybe, but as we try to figure out who’ll bring the two lovers back together, there is one person who could keep them apart forever — and it’s not who you think!

A few storylines that had been sputtering finally picked up this week, and it couldn’t have come too soon for Curtis, as he explains in this week’s column. We’re finally getting to see real consequences spin out of Stefan’s return. Plus, Kate, Kayla and Marlena’s illness has progressed to the point that it feels like there are actual stakes here. Oh yeah, and there was a threesome.

What Went Down Last Week: After enjoying a threesome with Allie and Alex, Chanel learned Paulina was being blackmailed for something her daughter had done in college. After making out, Chad went home with Stephanie, but left before anything more happened. EJ exposed Ava’s sham marriage and forced her to leave town. As Stefan started having memories of Gabi, Li filled EJ in on the brainwashing. They struck a deal to install EJ as DiMera’s CEO and Li as his No. 2. Johnny and Wendy Shin teamed up to expose the truth behind Stefan’s resurrection. As the women worsened, Joey and Tripp came home to see Kayla, and Roman and Kate got married. Brady agreed to dump Chloe and reunite with Kristen in exchange for the cure.  

General Hospital

gh the hook

Oh, this is not good… at least not for the citizens of Port Charles. But General Hospital‘s hooked us with a singularly wicked idea about the identity — make that identities — of the killer!

As General Hospital keeps ratcheting up the mystery of the Hook’s identity, Dustin has a few thoughts on who it is — or rather, isn’t — in this week’s column. Other storylines, though, were dropped like a hot potato the last few days, and honestly, they weren’t even missed!

What Went Down Last Week: Nikolas caught Esme trying to steal money from his safe at Wyndemere, and before he could call the cops on her, she revealed she was pregnant with his baby. Thinking Esme was the hook killer, he locked her in a room in the old wing of the house for everyone’s safety, and to keep Ava from learning about the bun in her oven. Lucy eavesdropped on Victor’s call with the deputy mayor and informed Anna and Valentin they were in cahoots. Victor learned of Lucy’s deception and gifted her with a bugged diamond necklace to learn who she’d been working with. Sonny made a plea to Michael at Brando’s memorial for them to work things out before it was too late, but Michael refused and continued with his plan with Dex to take his father down. And in Jacksonville, Carly gave a passionate speech to the city beautification guild to try and save the cemetery Virginia was buried in but later learned from Peyton her effort failed.

The Young and the Restless

Audra watch Y&R

When it comes to Genoa City, there’s no such thing as coincidence. So when Audra and Tucker both showed up at virtually the same time, we knew there had to be a connection. But now that we think we’ve figured out what it is, we’re still in shock!

Things are getting messy on Young & Restless and as Candace writes in her weekly column, she wouldn’t have it any other way! Tucker, she (and pretty much everyone else) suspects, has a secret agenda and with Elena’s departure, karma’s starting to come for Nate. Plus, when Sally has a target on her back, will it be Adam or Nick who ride to her rescue?

What Went Down This Week: Noah told Audra to keep her distance, so she instead targeted Allie. Jack’s granddaughter held her own, but Audra got the last word with a dig. After confronting Chelsea about ambushing Johnny, Billy decided that Chancellor-Winters wasn’t for him. This was right before Lily and Devon’s world imploded when Nate confessed that he had been conspiring against them. Coming clean wasn’t enough to keep Elena from leaving Nate, however, and he was soon back on a call with Victoria. Jack warned Ashley about trying to ruin Diane’s life but clearly had doubts himself as he zeroed in on Tucker. Adam tricked Sally into dinner but couldn’t win her back as she didn’t trust his motives.

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • It’s taken weeks (months?), but Rafe is finally starting to see what’s been right in front of him. And that could spell trouble for Nicole! Plus, Rex may finally have the cure in hand, but will it be too little too late to save Kayla and Kate?
  • Mariah and Tessa may be about to get good news in this week’s preview, but after confessing his dirty deeds, Nate’s mostly just struggling to hang on to what little he has left. Luckily, Victoria’s about to throw him a lifeline — but will it end up being just one more thing to blow up in his face?
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