writers share their stories of their love of the soap genre.

Soaps have been around for over 70 years. As many of you know, Guiding Light is not only the oldest daytime drama, it’s also the longest running show of all time! Soaps started on radio, moved to television and we found that most are available for viewing on the network sites. is always happy to inform whoever will listen that Daytime Soap Operas have outlasted every television show that there has been. We, at have had the pleasure of corresponding with several daytime fans who have watched one or two specific shows anywhere from 1-70 years! Now that’s loyalty and love.

Why do we love our soaps? Why are we so loyal? There are many reasons why we adore them, including but not limited to, being able to relax and be ‘taken away’, while our ‘stories’ unfold before us. Throughout the years, our shows have given us a feeling of belonging. We easily slip into familiarity of the characters; we even seem to take possession of these fascinating dramas, calling them, “our soaps”, or “our stories”.

In recent years we’ve seen not only women addicted to these remarkable storylines but we’ve seen men – yes, men watch the stories progress with just as much enthusiasm as the women! Our husbands, brothers and fathers watch… yes, my father watches too. In fact, he posts on from time to time! Whatever reasons, would like to encourage all viewers to write in and let us know the reasons why Soaps mean so much to you!

Editors at share their love of daytime with the readers.

Kristi Knight, (AMC Editor) admits, “My favorite soap is much more than just an hour in front of the television. It’s actually a break for mundane – and sometimes weird – daily life! I worked as a television reporter for several years, and my girlfriends and I would all take a break to watch All My Children in our lunch room. Instead of dealing with the real life heartaches of the stories we were working on for the nightly news, we would laugh and cry over the troubles of Erica, Kendall and Dixie…and sigh over Jackson, Tad and Ryan. It was a nice break from reporting. Even though we’ve all moved on, we still email about the show every day! Now that I’m part of the community, I’m building new friendships and having such fun “living” in Pine Valley again!”

Amy Mistretta, (Y&R and OLTL Editor) tells us, “Although I’ve been a soap fan of The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live for twenty years, I appreciated the soaps the most when my kids were little. I’d work my whole schedule around the shows and make darn sure I got the kids on a nap routine to coincide. LOL. With coffee in hand, I’d sit back and let the whirlwind of Genoa City and Llanview take me away – out of my everyday life and into a relaxing fantasy filled with scandal and passion. Soaps to me are like books… There’s an alive, intriguing story in each and every one of them! I could never imagine a day without my favorite soaps To have a job intermingling with the actors, the fans, writing recaps, news articles, and conducting interviews for these soaps Well, I have to admit… It’s the life!”

Julie Clark Robinson, (B&B and GH Editor) shares, “Years ago when I was in the middle of a career that I no longer enjoyed, I would steal away into a little room and watch Y&R while I ate my lunch. That hour with Victor & Nikki Newman was more beneficial to my attitude and productivity than I can tell you. I would come out of that room at 1:30 as it were a brand new day. Of course, by 5:30 I was beat down and annoyed again, but the hours immediately following my “soap fix” where much better for me than if I had eaten lunch (and continued the unhealthy dynamic) with co-workers.” She goes on to tell another more recent story, “Recently I was in the middle of a family nightmare at the hospital and couldn’t believe my red, puffy eyes when I stumbled onto a comforting sight on the way to find a bathroom. I had to pass through a lounge….with a TV…that was playing my beloved General Hospital! It was the episode that followed the Metro Court explosion, so the people sitting around the TV were very animated with their responses. “Where’s the pregnant nurse?” “She’s trapped in the elevator with that mobster who impregnated her!” “What happened to Carly?” and so on. My family nightmare didn’t end, but for a brief moment, I had to smile because of the universal appeal of soap operas to people everywhere.” Watching our ‘stories’ takes us away to another place. Julie shares a personal story, “My beautiful 16 year-old niece died less than three weeks ago in a car crash, and believe me, I am either walking around in a fog or crying — not much in between. However, promptly at 1:30 I pull myself together in order to do my B&B and then, my GH “work” (I still laugh because as a editor work is truly a pleasure). It surprises me that not only am I able to get it done, but the process of focusing on the dramas that are playing out in the Forrester or Quartermaine family instead of my own gives me the relief from my grief that I really need. For the millionth time in my life, I say “thank you” soap operas.”