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Something tells us you won’t agree with all our picks… 

Who says you can only do Best and Worst lists at the end of the year? Not us, that’s for sure. Which is why, as the leaves started to turn and we felt a chill in the air, we decided to heat things up with the latest installment of our quarterly look at what’s working and what’s not.

The hardest part of compiling the 100+ items you’ll find in the gallery below? Narrowing the field! As any soap viewer will tell you, there were multiple candidates for many candidates. For example, how do you decide which story to proclaim Most Aggravating when more than a few caused us to shout at the television in frustration? (The ultimate winner was one which has been going on for ages while taking so many twists we’re not sure we even care where it’s going any longer!)

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Of course, there were some categories in which there is a clear winner. How do you not dub Steffy and Finn’s Best Reunion, given that the show went all the way to Monte Carlo to tape it! (That said, another Monte Carlo moment was called out for being as overplayed as the Kardashians.)

While flipping through our choices, please keep a few things in mind. First, of course, is that these are only the opinions of our editors (not all of whom agreed on every selection). Also, you’ll notice that they aren’t necessarily in any particular order, meaning that you might see a reference from something which happened in August followed by one from earlier in the year.

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Once you’ve perused our choices, make sure to hit the comment section to nominate your own winners and losers. After all, come the end of the year, we’ll have the final update of 2022, which promises to be a doozy! Who knows how many characters might wind up vying for Sexiest Zombie or Least Likely To Overcome Their Obsession!

Ready to start judging our picks? Then sit back and click through the gallery below!