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Credit: Bjoern Kommerell, ABC, Howard Wise/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI

They can’t stay the same forever!

Yes, it’s true. It’s finally time to put that long, hot summer behind us. As of Thursday, September 22, fall is officially here! And daytime fans know that the new season means more than pumpkin spiced lattes and trick or treating. It also means big stories and bigger sweeps!

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Characters live, characters die and some are even reborn. That doesn’t always have to be literal, of course. Just like the seasons change, so too can our daytime favorites. Bad guys can choose to do good, like Days of Our Lives‘ reformed serial killer, Ben, or Young & Restless‘ Michael who completely turned around from his creepy assault days.

Sometimes it goes the other way, though. Remember poor, sweet Aly’s fall off the deep end on Bold & Beautiful? Or how about when Kevin’s demons reared their head on General Hospital and he went on a destructive spree that would have made evil twin Ryan proud?

The point is, daytime characters have been known to switch from good to bad and back for as long as soap operas have existed. So this fall, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at characters from all four of your favorite daytime soaps who are best posed to, well, turn over a new leaf.

Some could change for the better, and quite a few for the worst, but one way or another, now is when they’re poised to make a break from their past and try something new! Whether it’s Bold & Beautiful‘s Ridge doing what’s best for his families for once in his life, or General Hospital‘s Rory taking a walk on the wild side (please don’t be The Hook, please don’t be The Hook…), this fall could bring about more than just leaves changing!

So settle in, crack open the photo gallery and check out the 20 characters from Bold & Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Young & Restless ready turn over a new leaf this fall.