Chesapeake shores mashup
Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/David Astorga

Secrets are exposed, which proves the past cannot be escaped.

In the Sunday, October 2, 8 pm episode of Chesapeake Shores titled “I Get a Kick Out of You,” one man receives the shock of his life, as others prepare for what’s to come…

Evan hasn’t talked much about his family. However, when a DNA test reveals the possible location of his long-lost father and extended family, will he make a move to track them down and face his past? Abby will likely be there to support whatever he decides to do but she also takes some time away from her love life in order to practice for an upcoming taekwondo test.

Here’s a sneak peek:

And Jess, always the busy bee, makes preparations to host a historical reenactment at her and David’s bed & breakfast. Even though David is clearly consumed with the issues surrounding his dad’s legal dilemma, we hope his wife can take his mind off of his troubles, for a little while anyway, and get him onboard to have some fun.

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Plus, it took some time before the O’Briens came around to the book Bree wrote that was based very closely to their family’s lives — and troubles — but when a Hollywood reporter arrives in Chesapeake Shores to offer her a movie deal based on the book, will they support her or forbid the idea of further airing their sometimes-dirty laundry out to the world?

Get a preview of all of the drama ahead:

The O’Briens aren’t the only family that has issues… Take a look at our gallery below filled with photos of some of your favorite daytime siblings from all four soaps.