News Roundup: Devious Plots, Killer Reveals and a Heartbreaking Real-Life Tragedy

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Plus, sneak peeks at what’s coming next! 

With so much going on in the world of daytime, it’s easy to miss a story or two — including some of the biggest ones unfolding on screen. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that went down last week on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even coverage of primetime’s best sudsers!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy B&B

When Steffy goes full-on scheme queen to split Brooke and Ridge, can anyone stand in her way? Jacqueline MacInnes Wood teases the lengths her character will go to in her attempt to reunite her parents!

Ridge really, really, really rubbed Richard the wrong way, as is quickly evident in this week’s Soapbox column. Plus, a look at why Steffy was allowed to trash-talk Brooke, but Hope couldn’t throw some shade toward her longtime rival.

What Went Down Last Week: Sheila held Hayes while Finn was preoccupied. She considered making a dash out the door, but decided against it. Later, Deacon showed surprising tenderness toward her. Brooke ordered Taylor to stop going after Douglas and Ridge, but instead, the shrink asked Ridge if they might have a future together. Liam clashed with Thomas about his intentions with Hope and she, in turn, put Steffy on notice about interfering in her mother’s marriage to Ridge. Ridge later found Brooke in Bill’s arms, but seemed to accept their explanation that it was about Katie.

Days of Our Lives

Greg Rikaart, Marci Miller, Billy Flynn leo abigail chad jpi days

Yes, the time has finally come! We’re about to learn the identity of Abigail’s killer though Leo may just have beat us all to the punch! With a reveal that promises to rock Salem to the core, could Leo actually be right for once?

After such a strong ending on NBC, Days of Our Lives‘ first week on Peacock left Curtis alternating between yawns and eye rolling. Sarah’s reaction to Xander, Kristen’s legal nonsense and Gabi’s gullibility with Li all seemed like pure plot points to him, while Orpheus’ plan just bored him in this week’s column. At least there’s no way to go but up?

What Went Down Last Week: Gabi was thrilled to find Stefan alive, but he only had eyes for Chloe. EJ suggested he and Stefan team up against Gabi to regain control of DiMera. At the custody hearing, Kristen painted Brady and Chloe in a bad light, and Brady deduced his ex was behind Stefan’s return. Ava insisted to Johnny nothing could happen between them, but that didn’t stop her from thinking about the young man later. Before his arrest, Orpheus revealed he’d infected Kayla Kate, and Marlena with a non-contagious virus that will force their men to watch them die. Sarah broke up with Xander after learning he slept with Nicole and told Eric about it for money. Eric accepted Nicole’s job offer to be Basic Black’s photographer.

General Hospital

nelle taunts nina gh
Well, Nelle’s big return came and went, and many viewers were left feeling a bit… underwhelmed. But what if we were just getting a taste of what’s to come? If that’s the case, the team-up that General Hospital teased could be downright devastating!

The hook killer may be just a tad derivative, but in this week’s General Hospital column, Dustin admits that it’s giving him and the show life! It seems like just what we needed to get several storylines unstuck — except maybe for Liz!

What Went Down Last Week: Stella confessed to having stolen and then lost Jordan’s divorce papers. Jordan later covered and told Curtis she must have accidentally forgotten to file them, which didn’t go down well with Portia. Carly’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, where she encountered the woman whose husband she’d slept with as a teen. The hook attacker appeared to target Joss, but Brando got stabbed instead. He was rushed to General Hospital and after extensive surgery, opened his eyes. Jordan told Sonny that the attacker might be targeting him and his family.

The Young and the Restless

Ashland, Victoria truth Y&R

It’s been a few months since Locke’s untimely demise, but Robert Newman’s finally breaking his silence on why he had to go and whether or not Ashland really did love Victoria.

  • This coming fall promises so many shake-ups on The Young and the Restless, it’s about to feel like a whole new show!
  • Nick and Sally’s passion could shake up not just Adam, but the entire Newman clan — if not half of Genoa City!
  • The Katherine vs. Jill feud just flared up anew as Jess Walton walked down memory lane with viewers. But which classic scene came out on top as the fan favorite?
  • Our thoughts and hearts have been with Jordi Vilasuso (ex-Rey) and his wife as they work through a devastating tragedy.
Nate’s ruthless turn may feel a bit out of left field, but Candace greatly appreciates the drama in this week’s column! Plus, Adam catching Sally and Nick in bed together was downright delicious, too, leaving Candace to wonder if maybe Young & Restless is finally turning around!

What Went Down This Week: Victor doled out a warning to Jack that hiring Adam would prove to be a mistake. Nikki doubled-down on her plans to visit Deacon Sharpe, and Diane brought an accusation against Phyllis to Summer and Kyle. Devon and Nate’s ongoing difficulties came to a head, with Billy having to break up their argument. Nate resigned in the aftermath and hatched a diabolical plot to help Victoria take over Chancellor-Winters! After a close encounter with Adam caused her to miss a huge meeting, things only got more complicated for Sally when she hit the sheets with Nick — twice. After their second rendezvous, Adam showed up on her doorstep and was floored to see his brother in her suite!

In Other News

josh reva THE GUIDING LIGHT, (from left): Robert Newman, Kim Zimmer, (1990), 1952-2009. © CBS / Courtesy: Everett Collection

  • When Guiding Light aired its final episode on September 18, we had to say goodbye to one of the longest-running soap operas ever created. To honor its legacy on the anniversary of its demise, we went through and picked out just a few of the sudser’s most memorable moments.
  • From The Bachelor to A Waltons Thanksgiving, we’ve got all the details on the hottest shows and specials in our Primetime News Roundup!
  • All My Children alum Josh Duhamel (Leo) said “I do” to his long-time love in an unforgettable wedding that went from glorious to laid-back in the blink of an eye.
  • Jennifer Lawrence vs. Erika Jayne? We’d say it ain’t so, but sadly, we can’t! There’s a reason Lawrence called the Real Housewives star “evil!”

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • It’s an event that’s been years in the making, as Nikki and Deacon face off in this week’s Bold & Beautiful/Young & Restless crossover. Will Nikki get the goods on Diane or finally get her revenge on her ex? Heck, why not both?
  • It’s a week Days of Our Lives fans won’t want to miss as the truth about Abigail’s murder finally comes to light. Meanwhile, Nicole decides she needs to confess her sins, and who better to share them with than former priest Eric… especially since he plays a central role in them!

Get ready to do the time warp with daytime faves from all the soaps in our then-and-now photo gallery of former Bold & Beautiful actors!


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