Credit: Get on 'I Wanna Be A Soap Star' and work with DOOL cast!

We at are often asked if we can help get actors and actresses parts in the daytime dramas. We are asked questions such as, “Do you hire the actors to play in the soaps?”, and “Do you have any pull in getting someone on a soap opera?”
The answer to each question is, “No!”

Unfortunately, we have no pull, nor do we hire actors for the soaps. This job is one best left to the producers or casting directors of each individual show! You can call us reporters or call us journalists. We simply report the soap news!
While we can’t help you kick start your acting career and we don’t pretend to know it all, we can give tell you a few tips on what to do in order to get yourself on a soap opera!


First of all, if you believe in yourself and your talent you can start by taking acting classes in order to improve your craft. Much like anything other talents, such as dance or learning to play an instrument, practice is the key to success! You can find acting classes advertised in your local newspaper, online, through a local college or university, and through your friends or acquaintances.

Ensure you’ve created a great resume, several clever cover letters and a videotape of – you – in action. You’ll need to get some good 8 x 10 head shots done by a decent photographer, and will want to bring them to your auditions. Casting directors are always looking for a certain ‘look’, so you can’t get away from having good pictures! Another thing to note is that you shouldn’t give up on one place just because they don’t hire you for one gig. You may not have ‘the look’ that they’re seeking for one character, but may be the perfect look for another! That’s why photos are so important.


What you will want to do is find yourself a trustworthy agent. It’s an agent’s job to seek out parts that will suit you and to set up auditions for you. Whether you’re on the west coast or the east coast, you will need someone to help you find the parts that are best suited for you.


Many of your favorite stars have joined a union, such as Actors’ Equity Association, American Guild of Musical Artists, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’, American Guild of Variety Artists or The Screen Actors Guild (SAG). You can find these guilds by doing a search for their name in a search engine such as Google. What the union does for you is protect and serve their members by negotiating wages and working conditions, offer a variety of workshops for you to enhance your acting skills, and so on.
Emailing the networks or the daytime dramas themselves isn’t the best way to guarantee an audition. You’ll want to go to the auditions in person!


While we can’t tell you exactly how much each actor makes, we can give you a rough estimate. Remember that the acting industry is usually tight-lipped about who makes what amount and why! A soap opera actor or actress can make on average, $850-$1200 an episode, and come contract renewals, this could double! It appears as though the standard amount that a typical soap opera actor or actress makes is $250,000-$300,000 a year and upwards, depending.