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“She needs a publicist, ASAP!” 

Anyone watching this season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is well aware that recent weeks have seen some pretty shocking behavior on the part of embattled Erika Jayne. But now, The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence — a self-declared superfan of the franchise — is weighing in with a bit of advice for the blonde bombshell.

While in Toronto to promote her new film Causeway, Lawrence was asked her thoughts on the latest season. “My biggest problem with the season is that it’s boring,” admitted Lawrence before adding, “and I think that Erika is evil.”

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The estranged wife of attorney Tom Girardi, Jayne has done herself no favors with what viewers have seen as her caustic, even heartless attitude toward victims of her husband’s alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars. (For those unaware, a lawsuit filed in 2020 has accused Girardi and his firm of allegedly embezzling settlement funds intended for the families of Lion Air Flight 610’s victims.)

Lawrence’s criticism was sparked in part by the most recent episode, in which Jayne’s co-stars were clearly shocked by the things she was saying in response to media reports that she had refused to hand over a pair of earrings valued at approximately $750,000. “You are not showing any compassion,” pointed out Kyle Richards. Jayne’s response? “Why am I showing compassion for people that are dogging me for something I didn’t do?”

Stunned, Richards, as seen in the clip below, begged Jayne to speak more carefully. “Don’t say that, because you’re my friend and I can’t defend that!”

From her point of view, Lawrence suggested that Jayne needed to immediately go into damage-control mode. “She needs to get a publicist, ASAP,” said the big-screen star, pointing out that as the episode continued to unfold, former soap star Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie, Days of Our Lives) did her best to prevent Jayne from further embedding her foot into her mouth, but with limited success.

Ultimately, Lawrence summed things up by saying this was “not a great season, but I’ll finish it.”

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