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Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/David Astorga

Is a happily ever after in the cards for the couples of Chesapeake Shores?

Uncomfortable truths — for some — are shared in the Hallmark Channel’s Sunday, September 11, 8 pm, Chesapeake Shores episode titled “L-O-V-E,” and a fortunetelling machine is front and center during it all at the Seaside Festival, which is “the most romantic night” in town.

The O’Briens and those who they are coupled up with will be squirming in their seats — or maybe not — as a midway pastime lays out their future. While they may have questions, we have some of our own… Is Evan really the guy for Abby, even though she’s beginning to feel more comfortable with her chosen one? Or will Trace return to win back her heart? We can only hope! Or maybe, just maybe, Jay was the guy for her after all…

Watch the preview to see why Abby tells Evan, “I lied…”

Plus, will Bree and Luke’s new romance turn into something more? Will news spread that Kevin and Sarah are about to make Mick and Megan grandparents again? And speaking of which, do they have a future at all, given that they are struggling with their long-distance relationship?

Please, oh wise one, let us know!

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Catch a sneak peek to see which two people receive the same fortune that reads, “The love of your life is right before your eyes.”

And though fans have their favorite daytime couples, view our gallery below filled with photos of ones the soaps teased but never delivered.

Video: Hallmark Channel/YouTube