Yellowstone mashup john kayce beth
Credit: Courtesy of Paramount Network

The Duttons are armed, dangerous and gunning for… who? 

It feels like ages since last we spent time riding the range with John, Rip, Beth and the others, but we’re finally getting a glimpse into what they’ll be up to when Season 5 debuts this November on the Paramount Network. A newly-dropped trailer — really more of a tease than anything — doesn’t spill much in the way of plot details, yet manages to majorly amp up the excitement factor.

So what, exactly, do we get in the tease for new episodes, which will begin airing this November? (More on that in a moment) Well, the short clip features a dramatic hair-flip from Beth, a stressed-to-the-max Kacey, completely unreadable Jamie and a gun-toting Rip. But our favorite show has to be the one in which family patriarch John struts down a hallway, daughter Beth to one side and ex-lover/current governor Lynelle on the other. 

The teaser’s tagline? “All will be revealed.”

Of course, there’s not a single dang clue as to what “all” refers to, although you can search the video below for clues. Heaven knows there are plenty of secrets waiting to be unearthed. Does the fact that Lynelle (played by Guiding Light alum Wendy Moniz) is featured indicate that perhaps the gubernatorial campaign — in which she’s backing John against Jamie — is about to get explosive? Or might what’s “revealed” be the number of people who’ve been given one-way tickets to the “train station” (aka where all the local bodies are metaphorically buried, if not quite literally given that graves aren’t actually dug)?

What we do know is that Yellowstone will kick-off with a two-hour premiere at 8/7c on Sunday, November 13. Paramount has also revealed that not only will Moniz go from recurring to regular castmember, but so will Mo Brings Plenty (Mo), Jen Landon (Teeter) and Kathryn Kelly (Emily.) We’ll definitely be doing some flashbacks, as Josh Lucas is slated to show up as John’s younger self at some point. And although Beth likely won’t be thrilled to see her nemesis return, Caroline Weaver — played by the deliciously ruthless Jacki Weaver — will be back to torment her rival.

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