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Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/David Astorga

There is good — and bad — news ahead for two brothers.

The O’Briens rally around one of their own in the Sunday, September 4, 8 pm, Hallmark Channel episode of Chesapeake Shores titled “That’s All There Is to That.” And it’s a good thing because Mick is teetering on the edge…

It wasn’t too long ago that Luke noticed something was off with Mick — and called him out on his use of the prescription meds he’d been taking for his broken arm following the plane crash. Even though Mick denied it, and stormed away from Luke’s concerning questions, his pill addiction starts to noticeably affect his life — and his family takes note, which leads them to band together to stage an intervention before things go from bad to much, much worse.

Then there’s Kevin and Sarah… The couple recently took a trip to Maui to get away and take some time to heal after the loss of their baby. However, things appear to be turning a corner when they come together with exciting news.

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The same can’t be said for Connor. Though he’s been recuperating nicely from the heart attack, his new law firm has suffered because of his absence. Even with Margaret trying to keep things afloat, the firm is struggling to make ends meet.

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