Grey's Anatomy Jackson April season 18 finale
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Plus, which cast member might just stage a takeover? 

Last season, Grey’s Anatomy viewers were treated to a lovely visit from Jackson, April and their daughter Harriet. And when the former couple shared a kiss in the hospital elevator during the closing moments of the season finale (a recap of which you can read on our sister site, TVLine), indicating that the on-again, off-again couple was seemingly living their best, united life in Chicago, their fans were thrilled.

Would we, they wondered, get that much-discussed Japril-centric spinoff? Or, with Grey Sloan in such a massive state of upheaval, might the couple decide they had no choice but to come back to Seattle, at least long enough to get the sinking ship back on track, to mix our metaphors?

grey's anatomy jackson april kiss elevator season 18

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Then came news that the adorable tot who plays Harriet was recently spotted on set, leading to speculation that perhaps this meant her TV-parents were somewhere nearby. When one fan asked that very question, they got a response from no less than April’s alter ego, Sarah Drew herself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what they hoped to hear.

Asked if the Harriet sighting meant Jackson and April were also at Grey Sloan, Drew said simply, “April is not.”

Not surprisingly, this led to an outcry from those saddened by this news, as well as speculation from others wondering what this meant for both Jackson as an individual and the couple’s future.

Meanwhile, Camilla Luddington (Jo) — who was among those recently announced as returning full-time for Season 19 — asked the twitterverse if she should perhaps take over the primetime drama’s Instagram feed the night of the premiere? The response was a resounding “Yes,” with many referencing how fun her past takeovers have been (as evidenced in the video below).

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Look for cliffhangers to be resolved, questions to be answered and new dramas to be spun when Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on Thursday, October 6 at 9/8c.

Meanwhile, speaking of cast changes, check out the exits which have rocked daytime’s version of Grey’s Anatomy — better known as General Hospital — in the gallery below!