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Credit: Courtesy of Hope Runs High.

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“Why don’t you guys put Hank and Blair together?”

Kassie DePaiva and Nathan Purdee always wanted to find a way to work together, years after their One Life to Live era. It took a while, but it was Purdee’s son Taylor, who brought them back onscreen as husband and wife in the movie that he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in: Killian & the Comeback Kids. He revealed to that it was Taylor’s idea to cast DePaiva in the first place — the father-son conversation alone will make you smile.

Purdee recalled how the pivotal moment went down, “Taylor was casting the film, so he had seen several actresses that he liked. And one day, he said to me and said, ‘Dad, do you think Kassie would be interested in this role?’

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I said, ‘Dude, I don’t know.’

He said, ‘Well, would you call her?’

I said, ‘Absolutely not.’

‘Why not?’ he asked.

I said, ‘Look, man, you put me out enough, I’m not calling my friends to… Grow a pair. Call her yourself.’ So he did.'” Dupree said proudly.

Taylor wanted to cast DePaiva because “she’s the closest person to his mother in terms of being a mother” after spending quality time together while his dad was on One Life to Live. DePaiva feels the same way about the Purdee family and says she’s “blessed” to have been a part of the film because both men are so special to her. “I have to go back to six-and-a-half years ago, I was really sick with leukemia, and my dear friend Nathan came to visit me every other day, and he hung out with [my husband] Jimmy [DePaiva] and helped us through a really difficult time. So if you watch the movie, I had very short hair. I want to say that was probably about nine months after I had gotten through my leukemia vacation.”

Getting to work on the musical drama was a treat, but playing an onscreen couple was on their radar going back to their One Life to Live days as Hank and Blair. Purdee noted, “Well, they never let us vibe in the first place. I remember saying, ‘Why don’t you guys put Hank and Blair together because they put me with everybody under the sun, but we liked each other.”

DePaiva chimed in, “Back when he first came on, Blair was bad. I thought that was going to happen. I would have loved it.” Ah, what could have been, but it was a missed opportunity on the daytime show. So for now, fans can head over to any streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime and Vudu, to catch Killian & the Comeback Kids to see DePaiva and Purdee finally play husband and wife.

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