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We’ll be seeing a lot less of at least one regular! 

As Grey’s Anatomy prepares to kick off Season 19 on October 6, we’re finally learning who in the main cast will be returning. When combined with all of the casting news which has been released in recent weeks, we’re starting to get a much clearer idea of what to expect… and it’s enough to get us excited about the show in a way we haven’t the past few years.

If we’re being honest, Grey‘s has been a bit of a slog ever since Season 17 found Meredith hanging out on what fans dubbed “Covid Beach.” Things improved last year, with the show moving to a fictionalized post-Covid world, but it didn’t have the same spark, thanks in part to lackluster plots and the ultimately pointless game of “Will Meredith stay or go?”

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This year, however, things are definitely looking up. We now know that Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith will only be appearing in fewer than half of the episodes, but that’s fine… because we’ve got a whole crop of new interns to look forward to. As for which of the other regulars will be returning, we can now fill in a few of those blanks, too.

First, let’s just deal with the major cliffhanger which found Kevin McKidd’s Owen and Kim Raver’s Teddy packing up their kids and hitting the road in order to avoid being locked up. We’re guessing that whole situation will be resolved, as both actors will be back for Season 19. (Sure, technically the show could follow them to their new life, but that seems more like spinoff material.)

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Meanwhile, Chandra Wilson (Bailey) and James Pickens, Jr. (Richard) will be keeping things running at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Also scrubbing in for more drama (and, we’re hoping, some laughs) will be Kelly McCreary (Maggie) and her on-screen spouse, Anthony Hill (Winston); Caterina Scorsone (Amelia), Camilla Luddington (Jo), Chris Carmack (Link); and Jake Borelli’s adorkable Schmitt, who could wind up being the only resident to have survived the cliffhanger which saw the hospital’s residency program going belly up!

One person we’ll definitely be seeing less of? Scott Speedman’s Nick. Apparently, with Pompeo appearing in fewer episodes, the show decided to cut Speedman from regular to recurring rather than have Nick appear sans Meredith.

Here’s hoping that with a new crop of interns coming in, the show might feel more like the primetime soap we first fell in love with back when Meredith was first learning her way around the corridors of the facility she now partially owns!

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