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Summer’s hottest days are still ahead of us.

If anyone’s a better matchmaker than Cupid, it’s our soaps. And right now, all four of them are poised to pair twosomes that promise to be too, too much. See if you agree that these potential couples from The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives have what it takes to be super.

‘Sick’ in the Best Way

Since The Young and the Restless first had Sally cross paths with Nick, back when he was with Phyllis, we’ve been dying to see the sparks that threw catch fire. And now that Sally’s been dumped by Adam and Phyllis is in Nick’s rearview mirror, it actually looks like it might happen.

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… and Now for Something Completely Different

We weren’t exactly sensing chemistry back when The Bold and the Beautiful had Bill discover a badly singed Li in that back alley. But as they’ve since gotten to know one another, we’ve loved the vibe between them. Honest, cautious, mature… and sexy as hell.

Sorry, Cameron…

But the minute General Hospital threw Josslyn and Dex into a scene together, we could tell that her sweetheart was about to get his heart broken. Cameron is as nice as they come. But, being her mother’s daughter, Joss can’t help but see the bad boy as a good time.

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Changing the Game On the Player

Since Days of Our Lives reintroduced Robert Scott Wilson (ex-Ben) as Alex, he’s torn through Salem like a heat-seeking missile. Where we suspect he’s going to really detonate, though, is with Abigail Klein’s Stephanie, the rare woman he’ll have to admit is more than one-night-stand material.

Check out the below photo gallery to review couples the shows insisted were super… but weren’t.