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Break-ins are scary but break-outs can be fun.

It’s all about problems in the Hallmark Channel’s Sunday, August 28, 8 pm, Chesapeake Shores episode titled “Night and Day” and considering the issues the O’Briens have been dealing with, there’s no telling which one is struggling the most.

Abby and Evan take things to the next level — but not in the way you may think… First it was a date on a yacht then a crabbing trip and now the new couple will participate in a a scavenger hunt. We have to give them points for being creative in their dating journey.

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Speaking of relationships… Bree and Luke have decided to give theirs a go and even though Mick couldn’t scare Luke away with his warning not to hurt his daughter — or else! — something darker will be keeping the new manager of The Bridge awake. When Bree learns about the nightmares Luke has been having, she wants nothing more than to help wipe them away. Could Luke’s past stint in prison be the cause of his restless nights?

Plus, while Mick and Megan discuss their past, Connor goes missing! However, it’s by his own accord… Apparently being confined to the O’Brien house while recovering from a heart attack is too much for Connor to take and the young lawyer decides to break out from under his family’s watchful eye.

And if you have a date to get ready for, like Abby and Evan, you may enjoy various beauty tips from soaps’ leading ladies in the photo gallery below.

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