Updated on February 1:

Soaps.com wants to congratulate As The World Turns’ Christopher Goutman, and his directing team, for bringing home this year’s Director’s Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Daytime Serial!

Previously Reported on January 8:

The nominations for this year’s 62nd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards have been announced, and Soaps.com is here to bring you the Daytime Serial nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement!

The nominees go as follows…

All My Children Director Casey Childs and his team, which includes Associate Directors Barbara M. Simmons, Shirley Simmons and Anthony Pascarelli, Stage Managers Penny Bergman, Rusty Swope and Fritz Brekeller and Production Associates Jennifer Minda and Marika Brancato for Episode #10,061. During Casey’s career, he’s received three prior nominations.

As The World Turns Director Christopher Goutman and his team, which includes Associate Directors Michael Kerner and Carol Sedwickm, Stage Managers Nancy Barronand and Jennifer Blood and Production Associates Brett Hellman, Alexandra Von Roalsvig and Jared Lynch for Episode #13,457. Christopher has also been nominated three prior times for this award.

The Bold and the Beautiful Director Cynthia Popp and her team, including Associate Directors Steven A. Wacker, Clyde A. Kaplan, Jennifer L. Howard, and Catherine A. Sedwick, Stage Managers Laura L. Yale, Douglas J. Hayden, Lisa M. Winthur-Huston and Barbara Roch and Production Associates Lori Staffier and Mark Pinciottifor the Episode #5628. This is Cynthia’s first nomination.

General Hospital Director William Ludel and his team, to include Associate Directors Christine Magarian-Ucar, Penny Pengra, Denise Van Cleave, Pete Fillmore, Dave Macleod and RC Cates, Stage Managers Craig McManus and Crystal Craft and Production Associates Lisa Kaseff and Christine Cooper for Episode: Macho Men. William has had five prior nominations and has won twice before!

The Young and the Restless Director Sally McDonald, and her team, which includes Associate Directors Marc Beruti, Christopher S. Mullen and Robbin Phillips, Stage Managers Herbert A. Weaver Jr. and Thomas J. McDermott and Production Associates Vanessa Androus, Erica Meyer and Nancy Ortenberg for Episode #9233. This makes Sally’s third nomination.

Also from The Young and the Restless, Director Dean Lamont and his team, which includes Associate Directors Marc Beruti, Christopher S. Mullen and Robbin Phillips, Stage Managers Thomas J. McDermott and Herbert A. Weaver Jr. and Production Associates Vanessa Androus and Erica Meyer for Episode #9305. This is Dean’s first nomination.

Soaps.com wants to congratulate all of the nominees! We’ll return to report the winners when they are announced on January 30. Which soap opera team are you hoping takes home the award? Please tell Soaps.com below!