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Hard as it is to believe, summer is quickly coming to an end. With so much to squeeze into these last few weeks, it’s easy to imagine you may have struggled to keep up with the latest news from around the daytime dial. But never fear, because we’ve gathered all the biggest stories from Bold & BeautifulDays of Our LivesGeneral Hospital and Young & Restless in one place for easy reading. Plus, we’ll give you a quick recap of last week’s action before teasing you with tantalizing details about what’s coming up!

The Bold and the Beautiful

sheila as a redhead bb

Clearly, we’re way smarter (or perhaps less desperate for female companionship) than Deacon, ’cause we figured out who his “mysterious redhead” was pretty quickly. That said, the soap had a lot of fun transforming Sheila… and we’ve got the video to prove it! Plus, how much fun would it have been if Deacon figured out the truth the way we imagined he might!

  • Why, exactly, is Rena Sofer exiting the role of Quinn? The actress explained not only that but how she’s felt about her nine-year run on the soap. Plus, what does Quinn’s exit mean for her latest love interest, Carter? Will he (and portrayer Lawrence Saint-Victor) stay or will he go?
  • We took time this week to remember one of our all-time favorite scene-stealers, Phyllis Diller, on the anniversary of her passing What, you don’t remember her stint as Gladys? Then you’re in for a real treat!
  • Which co-star inspired Ashley Jones (Bridget) to step behind the camera? She discusses that, her new movie and much more in our exclusive video interview.
  • Everyone sort of assumes that Paris is going to rebound from Carter right into Zende’s open arms. But we think there’s a far more interesting option available to her…
  • What happens when fans cross the line into bullying? Find out what Krista Allen (Taylor) said the show is doing to shield actors from that kind of awfulness.
Like most viewers, Richard admits in this week’s column that he immediately recognized Sheila. But now he’s wondering just how far the writers will let the whackadoo’s reign of terror go! Plus, he sits Brooke and Hope down for a little tough-love regarding Douglas and his future living arrangements.

What Went Down Last Week: Steffy ramped up her efforts to reunite her parents, and she and Taylor informed Ridge he would be happier with them. This came right after Ridge had confessed to Brooke that he kissed Taylor overseas, and they fought about Thomas wanting Douglas to live with him. After getting Eric’s approval to move into the mansion, Thomas paid a distraught Hope a visit to give her the news that his son would be rejoining the Forrester fold. Quinn and Carter were caught in an awkward position at work when Ridge saw them kissing, but they were unapologetic. Finally, at Il Giardino, Deacon tied one on at the bar after learning of Sheila’s grizzly end, and caught the eye of a sexy redhead. After having sex with the woman, Deacon was stunned to realize she was missing a toe. To his horror, a grinning Sheila revealed herself to him — very much alive. Things only got more chaotic when his parole officer began pounding on the door!

Days of Our Lives


Ever since the news broke that Days of Our Lives will be moving from NBC to Peacock, fans have had an awful lot to say. But we haven’t heard all that much from the folks who, you know, actually make the show! This week, however, Robert Scott Wilson (Alex) offered up his thoughts on what the big move means — and what it doesn’t — where the future of the show is concerned.

  • Alison Sweeney revealed that she’s hard at work again. But who is Sami’s portrayer playing this time?
  • Stephen Nichols (Jack) and Matthew Ashford (Jack) shared a clip that was, in equal parts, tease-y, amusing, confounding, intriguing and funny. Of course, now you kinda have to check it out, right?
  • Who does Zach Tinker (Sonny) turn to when he’s feeling a little frightened? Here’s a clue: It’s someone who has literally been there his entire life, and to whom he just posted a very special message.

Lori admits in this week’s column that she’s enjoying Robert Scott Wilson’s turn as Alex way more than she expected to… but also has a bit of advice for the character. Elsewhere, she admitted to hoping that Ava and EJ will be “all kinds of shady” together, and wondered why one plot fizzled out in the least dramatic way possible.

What Went Down Last Week: Kristen discovered Li in Rolf’s lab after he turned off Stefan’s life support. She plugged her brother back in, and Li came up with a new plan to help them both: get Rolf to brainwash Stefan into thinking he loved Chloe. The only problem was, Gabi discovered her beau with the mad scientist. Alex went out with ‘Challie’ and struck out with the couple again when he suggested a threesome. He then drooled all over Gabi, and took home a woman named Sloan, who turned out to be Leo’s lawyer. A guilty-looking Leo pointed Rafe in the direction of the Sarah mask, which the cop found and confronted Gwen with. EJ overheard Ava admit to breaking Gwen out of prison. When his blackmail attempt failed, Ava found comfort in Johnny’s arms. Kristen threatened to kill Chloe, reunited with Rachel, and fought with Brady over visitation. Stephanie came home for a meeting with an unknown potential client for her PR firm, who Steve assumed was Orpheus. Lucas was sentenced to three years in Statesville.

General Hospital

Cody Britt Argue GH
If we’re being honest, fans haven’t really taken to the Britt/Cody pairing. (Heck, we’ve been rooting for her to hook up with Austin for ages!) But it looks like Britt’s dating future may not be an issue much longer given that portrayer Kelly Thiebaud will soon be leaving the soap!
  • Good news for fans of Rebecca Budig: She’ll soon be back on screen! Sadly, not as General Hospital’s Hayden, but in a whole new part.
  • With the show moving Dante and Sam ever closer to a real commitment, what better time than now to find out what Emme Rylan (ex-Lulu) is up to? (And why she was crying!)
  • Everything could change for Michael and Willow, and it will all come down to one very important decision she’s about to make!
  • When Kin Shriner indicated that he’d been treated poorly by the show where his 45th anniversary was concerned, fans were not pleased! Find out what he said that ticked them off.
  • The soap dropped some gorgeous new pics of several cast members, so we compiled all the hot shots into one amazing photo gallery. You’re welcome!
  • Whether you’ve got a friend who could use an introduction to your favorite soap or you just want to see how we play connect-the-General-Hospital-dots, this fun gallery has you covered.

It was a long time in coming, but Dustin says in this week’s column that Trina’s exoneration was exactly what fans needed. Elsewhere, he hopes that Willow’s story doesn’t drag on as long as he fears it might, and wonders if the writers are just making up Elizabeth’s story as they go along.

What Went Down Last Week: Portia successfully woke up Oz the bartender, and at the very last minute, he testified to selling Esme, not Trina, the black-market phone. Trina was exonerated and, after seeing her happy with Rory, Spencer chose not to tell her that he loved her and always believed in her.  After learning about Esme’s fall from the parapet, Victor helped Ava and Nikolas throw Jordan off the girl’s whereabouts. The mere mention of Jeff and Carolyn by Scott triggered a memory for Liz of her and another young woman standing at the top of a staircase. Worried about Liz, Finn reached out to contact her mother. Finally, Willow learned she has early-stage leukemia, but continued to keep the diagnosis from Michael.

The Young and the Restless

yr devon amanda elena hw

It seems pretty inevitable that things are going to get messy over at Chancellor-Winters. The only real question is who will cheat on who first and what the fallout from the scandalous hook-up will be. As you might guess, we have a theory or two as to how things will play out.

  • Crazy as it might sound, it was 20 years ago this week that Christel Khalil debuted as Lily. Find out who helped her get through that first day, then check out our photolicious tribute to all things Lily! Plus, we’ve got your backstage pass to the party Young & Restless threw to mark the special occasion.
  • It’s good to have friends, and Courtney Hope (Sally) definitely had her fair share of ’em sending her birthday greetings!
  • What does Young & Restless’ Jack have in common with Bold & Beautiful‘s Taylor? Something that kinda makes us wanna smack both of them!
  • We love Jack, but what he does next could have a major impact on how we feel about the character moving forward. Here’s what we mean.
Just when Candace was ready to spend her column discussing the fact that Young & Restless had yet again taken the least dramatic route possible, the show zigged instead of zagged. But what, she asks, is Adam’s master plan? Plus, find out whether she was #TeamDevon or #TeamNate in the battle between the men!

What Went Down This Week: Tessa got the all-clear to talk and among her first words were, “I accept,” as she took Kyle and Summer up on their offer to work at Marchetti. Chelsea pushed her agenda to be recognized as Johnny’s mom with Billy and Victoria. She also urged Billy to quit as Lily’s COO. Nate and Devon squared off and were unable to resolve their differences at work. Chance’s investigation into Ashland’s death saw new evidence piling up, but not enough to convict, so he announced he was dropping the case, which left the guilt-ridden Nick quite unsettled. Nikki and Phyllis furthered their plot against Diane by meeting with a journalist keen to get the goods on Ms. Jenkins, but did so at the rooftop bar, unwittingly catching the attention of a suspicious Summer. In related developments, Diane managed to not only have dinner with Jack, but also snagged an invitation to his place for a nightcap… which led to them sharing a wonderful kiss — in her imagination.

In Other News

Summer may be slowly coming to an end, but we’re not ready for things to cool down just yet. That’s why we’re rooting for Bold & BeautifulDays of Our LivesGeneral Hospital and Young & Restless to let these four couples steam up our screens in the weeks to come. Who knows, if they generate enough heat, maybe they’ll get us through the winter, too!

  • While we refuse to accept it as true, Martha Byrne (Lily, As The World Turns) says she might never act again.
  • Check out the stunning new look that Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children) is rockin’ these days. Trust us, it’s a stunner!
  • It’s still tough for us to talk about, but we look back at the Another World murder that shocked viewers and is still considered one of the show’s biggest missteps.
  • Legendary daytime headwriter Michael Malone, who crafted some of One Life to Live‘s most memorable storylines, passed away.
  • Before summer ends, we’ll be heading to the beach one more time thanks to the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, Bachelor In Paradise. And according to host Jesse Palmer, this year might be the craziest yet!

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • Rolf may be about to find out exactly how Dr. Frankenstein felt, because when Days of Our Lives‘ Stefan wakes up, he might not care so much what other people want from him. Meanwhile, Nicole might just be forced to wrap her head around the fact that Eric has moved on in this week’s preview!
  • As this week’s Bold & Beautiful preview proves, Sheila isn’t just alive, she’s as crazy as ever. But will Deacon give in to her demands… and possibly put people he cares about in danger?
  • Chelsea, you ain’t slick. We see what you’re up to where Young & Restless‘ Billy is concerned. And in this week’s preview, someone else calls her out on it, too. Plus, how will Victoria’s suggestion go over with her mom?

Check out not just one, or even two, but four newly updated photo galleries as we catch up with all your faves from Bold & Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Young & Restless and their real-life loves!