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Credit: Crown Media United States LLC/David Astorga

The O’Briens come together in the aftermath of a major health crisis.

It’s the moment Chessies have been waiting for, the Season 6 premiere of Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores. Though this will be the last for the network’s summer series, it all begins this Sunday, August 14, at 8 pm.

While we’ve given viewers a sneak peek into what’s ahead, in the upcoming episode titled “The Best Is Yet to Come,” the O’Brien family pulls together in the aftermath of Connor’s heart attack. They have faced many challenges before and this will surely be one of their biggest, since it involves one of their own.

Speaking of family… Remember how David found out that his father drained the family’s bank accounts, including his trust fund? Well, Dennis Peck claims that he’s been framed and David wonders if he could be telling the truth. While he and Jess try to figure out their next move, they are forced to deal with the media fallout while his dad is on the run.

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Plus, the video preview below revealed that Abby picked Evan over Jay and now viewers will get to see how her decision unfolded. We just hope that she lets Jay down easy because he was clearly hoping for something more from Abby.

Stay tuned and be sure to join each week as we bring fans more previews for what’s ahead every Sunday.

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Video: Hallmark Channel/YouTube