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Plus, previews of what’s coming next! 

With so much going on in the world of daytime, it’s easy to miss a story or two — including some of the biggest ones unfolding on screen. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that went down last week on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even coverage of primetime’s best sudsers!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold beautiful finn sheila

Sheila’s time may just about be up on The Bold and the Beautiful! Between Li’s surprise return from the dead and Finn’s dangerous plan to escape this week, we can’t help but wonder how long the deranged mother can hold on!

Finn unleased his inner beast this week on Bold & Beautiful, and Richard was totally into it. Ridge, however, didn’t inspire a lot of love in this week’s column.

What Went Down Last Week: Taylor opened up to Deacon in her office, and the Spencer men got together for a good ol’ gossip about the latest happenings in town. Bill later revealed to Wyatt that he’d made no progress reuniting with Katie. While Ridge and Brooke got an opportunity to confront Mike, it did them no good as he denied helping Sheila, even after Finn had pleaded with him to throw her under the bus. Taylor and Ridge got word that Steffy was struggling overseas, and Finn made multiple attempts to flee, but couldn’t escape. After Sheila was forced to tell him about Li’s unfortunate and fiery death, she was revealed to be (barely) alive in an alley — discovered by Bill, who coaxed the traumatized woman to talk.

Days of Our Lives

EJ confronts Chad and Kate in the DiMera living room

So soon, Days of Our Lives? It looks like the show’s got another major death coming our way this week, and if our theory as to who’s biting the bullet is correct, the DiMeras might want to start watching their backs!

Will Xander and Sarah ever get their happily ever after? It’s not looking promising as yet another wedding went up in smoke, but Curtis might care more if Days of Our Lives didn’t keep fumbling the supposed love between so many of their couples. And what was with that pardon-palooza? There’s plenty to leave us scratching our heads in this week’s column!

What Went Down Last Week: Marlena hypnotized Lucas, who remembered seeing Sarah run from the DiMera mansion the night Abigail was murdered. After new detective Jada crashed Sarah and Xander’s latest wedding, the would-be bride was brought in for questioning, but she insisted she was never at the mansion. Chad confessed to EJ that he’d known he was innocent but helped send him to prison anyway. Chanel finally agreed to choose between Johnny and Allie. The D.A. caved to Orpheus’ blackmail and pardoned him, Evan, Kristen, Gwen and Dr. Rolf. Belle and Shawn began hashing out their problems only to have Evan arrive to claim Shawn Christian as his own.

General Hospital


It looks like “Sprina” is finally a go, but there could still be some unforeseen consequences for Spencer and Trina to clear first. The good news is General Hospital isn’t afraid to tackle the tough topics when it comes to Esme and Trina, like when they listened to fans and tackled the issue of race head on.

Once Trina’s trial got into full swing, it delivered more than enough drama for Dustin, as he explains in this week’s column. Plus, he was thrilled to finally see Spencer and Esme’s relationship implode and the show delve a bit deeper into Austin’s mysterious backstory!

What Went Down Last Week: Trina’s trial got underway with Joss, Cam, Jordan and Rory all testifying. While Diane laid the groundwork for reasonable doubt, Portia feared they may still need a miracle to save Trina. Spencer told Esme he believed she set up Trina, and dangled her mother’s identity in front of her, saying he would only give her a name if she cleared Trina. Boz ,the bartender who sold Esme the burner phone, tried to blackmail her for hush money, so the psychotic young lady drugged him during a phony seduction attempt. Cody and Britt’s date was a bust, Spinelli confessed to Maxie that he was behind Society Setups, and a man ordered Austin, per the boss’ instructions, to return to Pautuck.

The Young and the Restless

Jack talks Phyllis down at Abbott estate Y&R

It’s hard to find anyone on team Jack these days, from Ashley telling him to stop being so “dumb,” to the fed-up fans! In fact, we had a few words of our own to add as it’s become increasingly clear Phyllis can do better!

As Ashland goes off the deep end, Candace can’t help but muse in this week’s column that  “Ashtoria‘s” story is likely going to end in tragedy. Plus, she’s all but certain Phyllis and Nikki’s plan is doomed to fail and can’t wait to see just how unhinged Chelsea may get.

What Went Down This Week: Tessa got the scary news she’d have to have surgery on her vocal cords, and Noah finally told Nick he wants to open a nightclub. Sally, still floored by Adam dumping her, was even more surprised when Nick and Victoria kept her on as CEO of Newman Media. She later dealt with Chelsea, who fumed over her hiring of Chloe and rubbed her nose in her break-up. Lily put in an offer to buy Phyllis’ hotel, which led to another frustrating conversation between the redhead and Jack. Ashley, Phyllis and Nikki held their first meeting about Diane, which raised a few eyebrows. Adam, meanwhile, got enough intel on Ashland’s revenge plans to warn Victoria she may be in danger. Sure enough, Ashland turned up menacingly on her doorstep!

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • Steffy’s finally back on our screens! Does that mean Finn’s escape plan may soon be working? If the Bold & Beautiful preview is any indication, it might! That, or poor Finn is just delusional…
  • Robert Scott Wilson shows up as Sonny’s brother Alex in this week’s Days of Our Lives preview. Meanwhile, looks like another character might be on the way out after a tragic mugging gone wrong!
  • This week’s Young & Restless preview offers a shocking glimpse into just how far gone Ashland is… and a major twist that could change several lives!

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