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Passion? Stability? Which would you choose 

Judi Evans has been holding onto a secret about her Another World character, Paulina Cory Carlino, ever since the soap went off the air in 1999. Now 23 years later, the Days of Our Lives star is ready to reveal to what she thinks Paulina is up to… and who she settled down with romantically. Calling her character a “spitfire,” Evans believes she would be up to “good” and “no good” all at once — and that’s when she gave us her juicy thoughts on Paulina’s love life.

“I think she would have been with Jake McKinnon (Tom Eplin) in the end. I think that he was the love of her life,” she explains. Evans shared that Paulina “loved Joe” Carlino (Joseph Barbara) because “she had stability” with him, but there was something special about her relationship with Jake. “There was a passion between Jake and Paulina that was a [Spencer] Tracy-[Katherine] Hepburn thing,” she reflects. “It just draws you in, no matter what. They just push each other to the edge emotionally all that time.” So if Paulina winds up with Jake in the end, there has to be some sort of reconciliation story along the way — which would make for a great plot point if Another World was ever revived on a streaming network, right?

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Sadly, Evans swears that she’s “not privy” to “any conversation” around a possible reboot of the daytime show. She jokes, “I live under a rock pretty much when I’m not at work. That would be wonderful, but I don’t know anything about it.” She does think that it’s “a very good idea” because “you already have such a built-in audience, and soaps are so generational.” So if NBC is looking for a new series on Peacock, contact Evans because she already has a story outlined in her head for Jake and Paulina.

If we don’t get that revival, how about a memoir of her behind-the-scenes tales from working on Another World? Anyone who is following Evans on Instagram knows that she’s been sharing some hilarious stories about her experiences on daytime TV (including Adrienne’s “horse accident” on Days of Our Lives). We need to encourage the actress because she doesn’t think anyone would “be interested in reading a book about my life.” Stop! We are begging you to make it happen.

If Evans does write a book, she warns it won’t be a tell-all because “I’d have to change all the names and then it wouldn’t be fun at all.” That said, there’s still plenty for her to write about! “I can tell funny stories because there’s lots of fun stories and silly things that happen. Our blooper reels from shows… I just laugh to this day,” she says.

Evans also gives us Days of Our Lives scoop on Bonnie and Justin’s romance, plus her thoughts on whether Adrienne Kiriakis would ever return from the deadCheck out the entire interview above, then visit the photo gallery below where we take a look at the cast of Another World — then and now.