Bachelor in paradise mashup
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC, via Getty Images (3)

“It’s like herding cats when you have this many people and this much drama.”

In the reality-television game, summer means two things: the return of Big Brother‘s housebound guests and the all-out madness that is Bachelor in Paradise. Long considered sort of the trashier entry in the ABC franchise which started with The Bachelor way back in 2002, Paradise is set to return on Tuesday, September 27, for an eighth season of summer lovin’. And according to host Jesse Palmer — who recently previewed the show for Us Weekly — things are going to be… well, exactly what we’ve come to expect from the series.

“It’s insane down here,” he reported from the Mexican resort at which the show is filmed. “It’s absolutely crazy. With all these people, there’s just so much chaos and so much drama.” He went on to say that there were things taking place which had never happened on the show before, which is almost tough to imagine given that in the past, we’ve seen everything from contestants having heart-to-heart conversations with raccoons to that time Marcus and Lacy faked a beach wedding. (For some of the show’s craziest moments, check out the video below.)

“We’ve been switching things up,” said Palmer. “It’s like herding cats when you have this many people and this much drama.”

It’s also been something of a thrill Palmer. Unlike last season, during which seven different men played host (including much-loved bartender Wells Adams), Palmer will be the only one serving in that position during the latest outing. “I always wondered as a fan of the show, how paradisey was paradise? And I can tell you, it’s so much fun. It really is paradise. This place is magic!”

It’s also — and this will come as a surprise to no one familiar with the franchise — steamy. Adams told People that everyone cast this year “is very, very hot. It’s always hot. There’s always sexy people there, but this year, they’ve really turned up the heat!”

Despite the show having already wrapped taping, who’ll actually be appearing has not yet been revealed. Why? Likely so as to keep details about how things play out during the final weeks of The Bachelorettes under wraps. After all, at least a few of those currently competing for love on that show are expected to wind up continuing the journey in Paradise.

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