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“Not taking birth control can obviously lead to a birth!” 

The clock is ticking for this season’s 90 Day Fiancé couples, and it’s looking increasingly likely that at least a few of them won’t be exchanging vows. We’ve got a look at just some of the action from this week’s episode, titled “The Elephant in the Womb,”  airing Sunday, July 10, on TLC. As hinted by the title, we’re in for more baby drama… and this time, it’s not centered on Biniyam and Ari!

Patrick didn’t want to get married in Vegas two episodes ago, but now thinks tying the knot in Orlando sounds like a swell idea. Meanwhile, Thais still hasn’t told her dad about their plans, which has her would-be husband seeing red. Tellingly, when Thais gets together with a few girlfriends she met at that awkward party John threw a few weeks back, they’re totally #TeamTellYourDad. But at this point, Thais is so fed up with Patrick controlling everything that she’s considering calling the whole thing off and going back to Brazil!

Meanwhile in Kansas, Kobe’s still brooding about the fact that Emily bought herself a wedding ring. But things get a whole lot more stressful between them when Emily admits she might be pregnant with their second child. The pair’s discussion about their preferred methods of birth control, featured in the video below, is stunning (and not in a good way) and might best be summed up by Emily’s declaration that, “Not taking birth control can obviously lead to a birth!”

When the couple takes a pregnancy test, will they find out they’re in the clear (as Ari and Biniyam did last week), or are they going to have to have an impossibly awkward conversation with her parents?

Meanwhile, with only two days before their own wedding, Kara and Guillermo go on a date which deteriorates quickly thanks to him feeling disrespected and her… well, behaving in a way which seems to indicate he’s right to feel that way. Check out the clip below to see if you agree.

Elsewhere, Bilal manages to ruin yet another supposedly romantic outing with talk of a pre-nup, and the you-know-what hit is likely to hit the fan with Miona tells Jibri’s mom of their plan to elope!

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